What I got for Christmas - Tiffany & Co.

2:49 PM

Hello Everyone!!
My boyfriend totally surprised me for Christmas this year!
He told me we were going to get a last minute gift for his mom at COACH and I was like okay we don't have a lot of time so lets go!
We get to the COACH store and me being me (lol) I asked the girl for what we were looking for, for his mom, which was a small wallet, then he starts laughing, I'm confused.
He tells me we are getting your gift!
 I'm in shock because I love COACH but then he gave me options. 
He tells me its either you get a new bag or we head to Tiffany's!?
...and I mean what girl would say no to that.

So I said forget COACH let's go to Tiffany's!!!

I have been wanting a key necklace from Tiffany's for a long time!
Now I never looked them up I just imagined it (lol). 
So when I got there and saw them in person they weren't all that, they looked too small. 
Then I found this very pretty one that had the heart and a small key!
I died. 
I decided on that one.

I love that it has the "Please Return to Tiffany & Co" and that I got the key that I have been wanting!!
It's so dainty and that's why I fell in love with it. 

The chain itself is pretty short, which is something I didn't pay attention to when I got it, but I'm getting use to it. 

Then he tells me okay pick a bracelet!! I was like whaaat!!?
I was loving it. But I thought to myself okay I would't really wear a bracelet and I wanted something that I could use daily as my statement pieces. 
So I went with the earnings!!

I love how they package everything!
It's so pretty. 

How cute are the earrings!?
This is something I have also always wanted. 

The whole experience of picking out my own "First Tiffany's" gifts was amazing!
I have been wearing them everyday, I can't part with them. 
I hope you enjoyed this post, I will have another post on all my other gifts, because I got a lot of thoughtful gifts this year, some I have already started using (lol) but I will share what I can. 

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  1. Nice!! You deserve nothing but the best! !!!..Jesse is such a great man u both are meant to be!!! Love u guys!! M.C

    1. Aww!! Thank you Maira!!! :) We love you!!