My Wish List/Gift Ideas

9:41 AM

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to bring you a gift ideas post, just like I did last year.
These are actually things on my wish list and I thought they all made great gift ideas for any women in your life.  

(From Left to Right)

From my previous post I shared with you that I really wanted this red coat from Forever 21, so I am now putting it on my Wish list and I also think it would make a great gift. 
This coat was on sale a couple of days ago but it seems to be sold out on the website.
 But you can find many different styles of coats depending on your budget and the style of your choice. 

I've been wanting a shoulder bag for the last couple of weeks and I found one recently, which I will be sharing with you all soon, but I wanted to share some ideas for a gift. 
I think a simple bag like this is perfect to gift a girlfriend, sister, cousin any girl/women in your life. 
Now if you know they are not a "small bag" kind of girl then I wouldn't recommend it but this one is so simple and classy it can work with any ones style.   
Best thing is they are as low as $9.95 and go to about $17.95

This vest screams WINTER!
I would love to just throw this over a simple outfit and make my outfit look a lot more dressy than what I would normally wear. Easy to wear, stylish and warm. 
 For me it would be a spin on the leather jacket.
I'm sure this piece can also work with different styles and there are many different types of vests that you can pick out for your girlfriends or sister's styles. 

Here is another style for a vest. 
This not only brings warmth but also a pop of color!

I don't think you can go wrong with cute socks! We all need socks ;)
There are so many styles, from Christmasy ones to winter ones to long and short. 
You can get them in their favorite colors or with their favorite characters on them. 
I like these from H&M they look like they would be perfect with boots.

How cute are these mugs!
I have been seeing them all over Instagram and on different blogs. 
If you gift this to someone it will show you got them something for them not just a random gift because you had to pick it up thinking of them. 
I'm sure you can find other Monogrammed mugs or tumblers and that would be a great gift too. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you got some ideas!

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