20 Pair Shoe Organizer

10:08 AM

Hello Everyone!
My mom and I did some shopping this week and one of the places we stopped by at was      
"DD's Discount" it's not new but it's new to us. 
My mom and I had both heard that you can find really good deals there. 
She found a couple of things for the house and I found this awesome 20 Pair Shoe Organizer!

I went to the one in Anaheim, CA. 
I searched for this exact same organizer and I found a couple of them. 
This exact same one is $39.98 at Staples.com
I also found it at Walmart for $34.99 but in Grey. 
I got it at DD's Discount for $8.99!!!

(Excuse the dirty shoes!)

This was my mess of shoes before!
It also includes my sisters shoes, we just had no where to keep them and would try all kinds of different ways to organize them. For awhile throwing them in this crate worked but it got a bit messy, as you can see. 
I didn't even try to make it look nice for you guys. 
This is how it looked. 

I have to say this rack was so easy to build!
 It took two simple steps and that was it.
The box says "no tools" needed which I didn't believe but it was true. 

I'm so happy with it! 
I was able to fit the shoes that I use on a regular day basis, my sisters shoes, all my boots, and some of my favorites. Now let's just hope they stay looking this neat (lol).

p.s. This would also be a great gift for those shoe lovers in your life!

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  1. Your shoes look a lot more organized now lol :p And for $9, this is a super great deal!

  2. Yes Lucie!! It works great and it looks a lot better lol.