Glitter & Matte Nails

12:26 PM

Hello Everyone!
In my previous post I said I would be sharing any mix and match mani ideas that I came up with.
Of course I couldn't help myself and already did my nails.
To my surprise when I swatched the nail polishes the Wet n Wild (red chunky glittery) one had a base color which was black! When I tried layering it on top of a different color or on top of a plain nail, it was this clear black and the glitter, I just didn't like it.
So I got the idea to layer it on top of black nail polish; Which I loved!
It's still in the holiday but doesn't scream Christmas.

*From Left to Right*
Black polish w/ a gradient glitter at the base of the nail.
Black nails w/ a gradient glitter tip.
Black matte nail w/ glitter on the tips (Added top coat only to the tip).
Black nails w/ glitter on the whole nail.
Black matte nail.

I was inspired to do a not so christmasy look after watching Lynete's video!
She did a really cool/edgy nail tutorial for the holidays.

List of Products:
Wet n Wild 'Make Them Boys Go Loco'
Seche Vite Top Coat
Sinful Colors in Black on Black
Sally Hansen Matte Top Coat

I hope you enjoyed this quick post!
I had lot's of fun doing each nail and I'm happy how it turned out. 

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  1. It's very nice Gabriela! I love how you played with the textures. I can imagine how fun it was to do this manicure :)

  2. Thank you Lucie!!! and yes I had a of fun with it :)