Holiday Nail Polish Haul

7:31 PM

Hello December!
I can't believe the year is almost over.
Everywhere I go I'm seeing Christmas decorations and all of that and of course my visits to Disneyland have really gotten me in the mood for the holidays. 
With that being said I can't get in to the Christmas spirit without having holiday nails!
I was planning on doing a nail polish run, I still have more polishes I would like to pick up, but today I woke up and walked outside and for some reason even though I knew it what was going to rain, I wasn't prepared. 
So my excuse to go to the drugstore was that I needed an umbrella :)
Going in to Walgreens I made sure to pick up the umbrella first because I didn't want to get to excited and walk out without it (lol). 
They had a lot of sales going on so I picked up the ones I had my eye on.
I was mainly looking for glitters, because I have a lot of plain and "christmasy" colors.
I have been obsessed with glitter nail polishes!!
Here are the ones I picked up...

List of Polishes: *From Left to right*
Wet n Wild  Fergie Collection 'Make Them Boys Go Loco' (A019)
ON SALE $1.89 REGULAR $3.79
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in 'Red Carpet' (390)
ON SALE $1.99 REGULAR $3.39
Sally Hansen Triple Shine in 'Sparks Fly' (390)
Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in 'Pixel Perfect' (295)
ON SALE $1.99 REGULAR $3.39

This past year I have been obsessed with red and I mean for the Christmas season isn't it all about red!? I was so happy to see this glitter!
I have enough red polishes so I know I didn't need another one BUT I do want to add something to the traditional red nails. 

So I know I said I didn't need more red polishes, but this one has a little sparkle to it!
It's like Christmas in a bottle, I couldn't pass it up. 

I'm already thinking of how I will be doing my nails and I'm thinking of mixing this glitter with the one above from Wet n Wild,with some of my red polishes and maybe a matte red nail too. 
Mmmmh decisions, decisions. 

When I saw this glitter polish the first thing I thought about was FROZEN!
My goddaughter is in love with Frozen so I'm all for it.
My mom decided that this year instead of doing the traditional red decor for the Christmas tree we would do a blue wintery theme. Which I'm very excited about. 
So this polish reminded me of all of that in a little bottle. 

I've seen a couple of Instagramers use this polish and I fell in love with it!
It actually reminds me of Oreo cookies (lol).
I can't wait to do a black & white mix and match mani. 

I think I got some great deals on these polishes, Oh I also forgot to mention that the lady at the cashier was nice enough to give me some coupons so I saved an extra $2's on the Sally Hansen polishes. Lesson of the day, don't forget your coupons. 
I will do my best at sharing the mix and match looks that I come up with!
I hope you enjoyed this post!
What polishes get you in the Holiday spirit!?

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