Bloody Nails

1:44 PM

Hello Everyone!
Today I woke up and I had an idea to get in the Halloween spirit by using my nails!
I have been seeing a lot of nail tutorials on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest; so I decided to use all those ideas and this is what I came up with!
I apologize in advance for the quality of the pictures. I used my iphone 5C, because using my Canon7D would be a nightmare (lol) it's way to heavy. 
Now I wasn't sure how this would turn out and if I would even like it but because they ended up so cool I had to share. 
Hope you enjoy ;)

My Inspiration:

MissJenFabulous she did some really cool nail arts for Halloween! 
I just took her idea for the bloody nails and her tips are what helped me do mine. 

Pinterest had some very good pictures and ideas as well. 
Picture 1: Find here
Picture 2: Find here

First Step: Pick your polishes. 
I decided to go with two accent colors so I picked out the black & white polishes I had.

Products I used:
Sally Hansen big matte top coat (41055)
Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Strengthener
Milani Nail Laquer White (30A)
ZOYA Rekha
Sinful Colors Black on Black (103)
Old clinique brush as a dotting tool (Use whatever has a round tip)
Have a little cardboard, something you can dab polish on to.
Acetone (I use the Sally's Beauty Supply "Beauty Secrets" Acetone)

Second Step: Decide what fingers will have what colors. 
I wanted a couple of nails to be plain with just the blood dripping down, I wanted a black matte and a white nail with blood. Paint your nails accordingly.

I did two coats. I also concentrated on the beds of my nails being as neatly as possible, the tips are not to important because that's where you will be dripping the blood from. 

Third Step: Just as if you were doing a french tip, you paint on the tips of your nail and then smear it down a little. (Remember it doesn't have to be perfect)

Forth Step: Take whatever you are using as your doting tool and dip it into the polish. 
Two ways you can do it; you can dab the polish on a cardboard or some type of straight surface that you don't mind getting polish on, and dip the dotting tool on to that to get the polish. 
I tried this way but the polish dried to quickly and it was honestly very messy.
 What I did is dip the dotting tool straight into the nail polish bottle. This worked out perfect.  

Fifth Step: Take the dotting tool with the polish on the end and dab the dots and drag it enough to where the polish becomes one (hope that makes sense). It's okay if you mess up or drag the polish because it looks even cooler and more realistic. 

This is the final look! For my thumb I didn't want to add any blood I just left it a plain black matte nail. 

Oh I almost forgot for my black matte nail, after adding the blood I went back in with the matte top coat and added some to the tips! It gave it this cool effect and I loved it!

I'm sure you were wondering how my right handed turned out!
I think it turned out pretty good, again remember this look doesn't have to be perfect so just have fun with it! 
This was a lot of fun to do! I hoped my little tips help you on creating these very east bloody nails!
If I missed anything please check out the links at the top that I used for inspiration. 
Thank you so much for stopping by and have a happy and safe HALLOWEEN!

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