Matte Nails w/ Glossy Tip

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I'm so excited to be writing a post right now, if you haven't noticed I kind of lost my rhythm of putting up daily posts. It was something about summer that I just couldn't bring my self to coming up with ideas on what to share or to even bother taking pictures of things I was loving or things that I had hauled. But with fall coming up I have been feeling very inspired!
All the fall decor and fall fashion is getting me so excited!
So today I bring you a quick fall nail look.
I swear I'm such an amateur when it comes to nail designs but I had seen something similar to this on Instagram and I decided to try it out and I think it turned out pretty good. 

Matte Nails w/ Glossy Tips

Now they're not perfect but from far away you really can't tell. 
I love the matte finish but a little bit of gloss can't hurt. 
I always find that with matte nails my polish chips a lot quicker so when I saw this look I thought perfect maybe my manicure would last a bit longer this way. 

List of Products:
Seche Vite Top Coat
L'oreal Paris Nail Color in 'matte-r of fact'
Sally Hansen 'Hard as Nails' Strengthener 

I made a quick video on how to get this look on my Instagram but I wanted to bring you better quality pictures and also close ups on the nails. 

Step 1: Apply your base coat or in my case I use a nail strengthener (Let that dry).
Step 2: Apply your first coat.
Step 3: Apply second coat, as evenly as possible. 
(Remember this is a matte polish it will dry quickly and you will be able to see any and all small streaks or mistakes).
Step 4: Clean up all smudges as cleanly as possible & let all the coats dry.
Step 5: Grab your top coat and wipe of some of the product back in to the bottle (avoid too much product on your brush; that will cause a big chunk of product on your nail).
Step 6: Just like a french tip apply a thin coat of clear on the tip of your nails 
(I applied mine quickly).
Step 7: Let that dry. 

 And you are all done! 
I think it's very simple and with practice I think I will get the lines a lot straighter even though I think it came out pretty good. 
I hope you enjoyed this quick & easy tip. 

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  1. Hi Gabriela ! I love the result! Quick, simple but soo pretty. And this color is just gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Lucie!!! I'm glad you liked it :)

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