Day 1 Henna Tatoo

8:16 PM

Hello Everyone!
I have been wanting to get a Henna tattoo for awhile now and I finally got the chance to get one!
I think it's the best accessory for summer and considering summer is almost over I was very excited to get it done.

 I got one done a long time ago, I want to say over 5 years ago at Knott's and let's just say it didn't make it through the heat. It was pretty disappointing. 

But anyways (lol) one of my friends recently got in to doing the Henna Tattoos, so I knew I had to get one.
She has a fashion blog check her out at Styleandtimesofranguiano, her style is awesome, I use to work as a receptionist and she was one of the managers and she would always look fashionable!
She also has an Instagram, you can see the other tattoos she has done here

I didn't know exactly what I wanted to get done so I picked a style and she went for it.
It was so cool to see her free hand this design on my hand!
It took about an hour, for her to do the design and waited for it to dry a bit. 

This was the final look!
My Instagram

I made sure to take pictures throughout the day so I could see the process and also share it with you all!

Picture 1 This was right after she was done with it at around  1 pm.
Picture 2 This was at around 3 pm, it had already started cracking. 
Picture 3 This was around 6 pm, you can see how much of it had already fallen off. 
Picture 4  This was after 10 pm, and by that time I was so excited to wait for it to all fall off because I could already see how it was looking. 

By the time I went to sleep it was almost done falling off but in the morning when I woke up I still had some that would not budge (lol).
I noticed that m finger area was the first to completely fall off and I'm sure it was because I kept moving and bending my finger and it started flaking off really fast. I also noticed this is the darkest area, which was the last part she did. 
The lightest part was the last to flake off and the part where she first stated. 
My favorite part is the flower and the finger area :)
Have you ever had a Henna tattoo done?! If you haven't would you ever!?
I hope this was fun! I love doing posts like this because I can always go back and read my first thoughts or what I was up to at this time of the year. 

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