July Favorites

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Hello Everyone! 
It's been so long that I have done a post, I can't even believe it. 
Anywayssss.. I wanted to share a couple of my latest favorites because I have been trying some new products. 

Garnier Fructis Style Extreme Control Anti-Humidity HairSpray (Drugstores)
This hair spray is amazing!
It does such a great job at holding my curls when I curl my hair, or when I put it up in a bun to hold the baby hairs back. 
The best part is that I'm able to comb through my hair after I have sprayed it and still re-style it if I didn't like how it turned out and the next day my curls are still in tact and I can comb though it and re curl it or re style it. 

Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray (GlossyBox)
This sea salt spray works hand in hand with the hair spray above; it gives my curls a natural wave. 
I've been going to the mermaid/beachy waves and this stuff not only smells amazing but it also gives my hair the right texture for pretty waves. 

Clean&Clear Astringent (Target)
I haven't been using a lot of make up, if anything all I use is a bb cream or light weight foundation with some concealer. Not using so much make up has allowed my skin to breath so I don't get crazy break outs anymore but I still get small break outs here and there especially when I don't remove the make up I wear at the end of the night. So to fix those little problems I have been using this Clean&Clear astringent, it does such a great job at drying up the pimple. When I see any signs of a pimple I apply this astringent with a Q-tip on the problem area and that does the job.   
p.s. that Q-tip you see was clean and it fell in there while I tried dipping the end and well I wasn't able to take it out. 

UP&UP Cleansing Towelettes (Target)
I love these wipes!
They do such a good job at removing any make up I have, any oils and dirt on my face (not that I'm dirty) especially with this heat I feel like sweating throughout the day makes my make up smear and my face just feels dirty at the end of the night. 
These wipes are gently, have a slight scent and they are very affordable which I can appreciate. 

Vichy Aqualia Thermal  Rich Cream (Glossybox)
This product I got in my first glossy box and it happen to be the first Glossy Box of the year, so that was pretty cool. (Go see my Glossy Box Unboxing).
I like so many things about this cream, first one being that it feels like a luxurious face cream, I don't think I have ever tried something like this. 
It's also very moisturizing, hydrating, and it leaves your skin feeling amazing. 
I use it in the morning under my make up and some days I use it just by itself.
I also apply it at night, after I wipe my make up off and in the morning my skin feels refreshed and very soft. 
Read more about this product on glossybox.com

 E.L.F. Makeup Mist & Set (Eyeslipsface.com)
In the summer I always go back to this product, I'm actually almost out of it so I need to pick up a new one. 
I personally use this mist to refresh my face in the morning after applying my make up and in the middle of a hot summer day. 
It cools down my face without me having to remove my make up and reapply it when I feel like my make up is dripping down my face. (You know that feeling). 

Glamorous Blush Palatte (bhcosmetics.com)
I'm not crazy about make up during the summer like I said earlier but I do like to give my face some color. 
So for days that I want something simple, I use the bronze color, at the bottom, just to give me a bronze look (lol). 
On any other days I use the pink color to give me pinky cheeks for a youth look and on nights out I use a combo of all three. 
I love this Glamour blush palette, I've had this palette since beauty con (Check out that haul here). 
As you can see I have put some use to it. 

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen (Ride Aid)
This is hands down my favorite sunscreen ever!
I love that it does the job, it smells great and it leaves your skin with pretty little flakes. 
I first picked it up because one I needed a sunscreen for the summer and two the packaging was pretty but I ended up falling in love with it. 
I use pretty much every day and I feel like I'm at the beach when I do wear it. 

(iPhone 5c)
How pretty is my case?!
I'm obsessed with it . I got it on Etsy, check out the seller here
The case is so inexpensive and yet it's great quality, it looks amazing, and it also does the job. 
I can't tell you how many times I have dropped my phone sense I put this case on and my phone has yet to get a scratch on it. I love how girly and different it is. 

I miss doing posts so much!! I just haven't had much to share I haven't purchased many new items and that's why you see me trying new things I already have in my collection. I hope you enjoyed this post!
I do have a foundation review coming up so stay tuned for that!
Thank you so much for all the love. 

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Oh I also wanted to share one of my biggest favorites!
 I started a new Instagram dedicated to my Disney pictures!
I felt like my Instagram wasn't the right place to share my new obsession with Disney, for awhile I would only post Disney pictures and I wasn't happy with mixing my nails of the day and my Disney pictures, so I decided to separate them because I have SO many pictures to share. I still share pictures of Disney on my original Instaram but just not an overwhelming amount of pictures. (Hope that make sense). 
Make sure to check out that Instagram here!  

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