Cheetah Print Shoes for $13's!

2:27 PM

Hello Everyone!
I found these awesome shoes at Target yesterday so I had to share with you all!
I actually saw them on the TargetStyle Instagram and on a couple of other Instagram accounts, so I got my butt to Target as fast as I could before they ran out of them!
I saw on a couple accounts that they had been discounted from $24.99 to $13's!
 I thought that was super cool especially because they remind me of Vans and the print is nice and small. 
I've seen other similar shoes but the print is either too dark or too big. 

I wanted to share a couple of pictures because the shoes on the Target website have a different print from the ones I found at my local Target. 

The picture below is me wearing them minutes after purchasing them, I couldn't help my self :)

My Instagram

I shared on my Instagram that the quality of these shoes isn't the best, which I mean for what I paid I'm not complaining (lol). This is why I never like to pay full price for Target shoes and I wait for them to go on sale. 
On the picture above you can see the bottom of the shoes are nothing like your normal Vans, they have a soft material around the edge and this was after wearing them out for one day! 

I love that the inside is red!
If you don't know I love red (lol) and I think it gives them a cool touch. 

On Sale for $79.99
I wanted to share different styles of these shoes that I have come across. 
You can see the different prints and there's also some with laces which is pretty cool. 
I'm sure you all noticed the ranges of prices as well, I'ts so crazy to me how expensive the Steve Madden ones are! But remember you are paying for the quality of the shoes you are purchasing, I see it as this is a trend for right now so why spend so much money on a pair of shoes that may be out of style in a couple of months or that I will just simply not like as much after wearing them but I can assure you I am already obsessed with them.
Hope the pictures and links above help you pick your favorite style!
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!

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