Ariel iPhone 5c Case

11:35 AM

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to share this awesome phone case that I got recently!
It is my favorite right now.
I saw someone with it on Instagram and I jumped online and looked for it everywhere!
I found it on etsy, all I did is search Ariel iPhone case.
This is for the iPhone but they have them for all iPhone's. 

The quality on this one is so awesome!
Ariel is holding the apple just perfectly.

I love how bright the colors show up.

I looked for the same seller on Etsy but I couldn't find the exact same case.
You can also find them on amazon and ebay.
I have seen similar cases for Elsa from Frozen, where she is holding the apple and a Snow White case where she is kissing the apple.
This is one of the reasons I love my iPhone, because I can find so many cute cases for it!!
I hope you enjoyed this short post!

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