April Favorites

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Hello Everyone!
I can't remember the last time I did a favorites here!
I have some new favorites that I don't think I have shared with you guys and I have some good old favorites!

So for my birthday this year my sister and I agreed to celebrate our birthday's together, my birthday is in January and hers in March so we threw a big party at home. 
It was a lot of fun and with the party of course we got some gifts/gift cards. 
My moms friend gave us Khol's gift cards and as soon as I saw it I knew what I would be getting!
That was ...


These beauties!

I am obsessed. I would wear them everywhere if I could (lol).
Back in the day, in my high school years I had almost every color of these. 
(I wish I had pictures of them)
I had the royal blue, the navy blue, pink, black and white some mixed colored ones. 
I loved these shoes and obviously still do. 
They are so comfy and easy to pair with anything!

I have been on a hunt for a simple cap like this for a really long time!!
I had seen it on a blogger I believe, but it was a really pricey one and I didn't want to pay for something that I didn't know if I would even like. 
I'm not use to wearing hats/baseball caps. 

But when I thought of this cap I imagined Selena Quinanlla (NOT Gomez) on stage with her baseball caps & hats, if I remember correctly Jennifer Lopez came out with a cap like this in the movie. 
So one of these days I was at Target with my friend and I spotted it!
I didn't let go of it (lol).
And it was only $6.99!

I'm sure that from my precious post you saw how much I really love this color.
Also if you follow me on Instagram you would see I keep re doing my nails this same color, I've had the for over a week.

It's such a pretty spring color and I feel like it makes me look a little tan.
(Not in this picture lol it was bright outside).

These are amazing!
 I have raved about them on Instagram already.
A couple of weeks ago I trimmed my nails down and with this stuff my nails have gotten so strong which has made them grow very fast!
They are very thick, and that is due to the Gel Coat (the pink one on the right).
The Moisturizer (on the left) has helped maintain my cuticles.

I will go in to detail on these products in a future post.


This year I not only found out I suffer from migraines but that I also have allergies. 
I always thought that I was always getting sick, which was the runny nose and that my head aches were from being congested but that wasn't the reason. 
Two completely different problems and I am finally taking something to help each one. 
For my allergies this Flonase spray has helped a lot!
Now at first I was completely against the spray, because I have read that it can cause other problems but after giving it a try this is what helps control my allergies. 
I try not to use it everyday only when I feel that the allergies are really bad. 
A huge favorite of mine this month because it has made my life so much easier. 

Please consult your Doctor before using anything like this. This was recommended and prescribed by my doctor. 
You can buy it off the shelf but please make sure it is safe for you. 
Sally Beauty Supply
This product I have been using for a while. 
My hair stylist uses it on my hair every time shes done washing it out. 
I found it at Sally Beauty Supply for about $8's.
It not only smells amazing but it makes your hair feel so nice!
My hair has gone through it the past couple of months, I went from RED to copper to brown all in 2-3 months. So whatever I put on my hair has to help it in some way. 

Infuses moister & conditioning without build up (As long as you don't use to much)
Adds intense shine (Very true)
Eliminates Frizz (YES)
Controls unmanageable flyaway hair (Yes)
Perfect for relaxed or permed hair (I don't have either)
Helps protect hair color (What I want)
Natural oils prevent dryness (True)

I also love that it's a spray!
I just spray it on and don't have to rub oil on my hands.

This product I have been using for a long time.
This is an oil that you have to rub in to your hair.
I use just a little bit of it and I try not to apply it near my roots but because my hair is damaged there are some areas near the roots that need a little damage control.

These two products have been my go to for my lips.
The Mojito lip balm I actuallt for from my awesome cousin!
I belive she got it in an ipsy bag or something like that, but because she's allergix to certain lip prodcuts sometimes I get them.

This lip balm is a clear gloss but is a pretty thick consistency, which I feel like is the reason my lips feel smooth and moisteried.
I always feels like it plums up my lips.

The baby lips, I love because it leaves my lips glossy with a very nude color but the best part is that is moisturizes my lips!!

Charlotte Ruse
I am obsessed with these rings!
I got them for my birthday party in March, I thought it would add something to my nails and I loved how it turned out. Since that day I have been taking turns with these rings.
I'm obsessed with putting them on my left thumb.
I love the look of the thumb ring and when my nails are done (which is always) I just love love love it.

If you have questions about anything I shared please feel free to ask and I would be happy to go in to detail.
What are you obsessed with this month??
I hope you enjoyed this post!

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