Don't Touch My Coffee

10:27 AM

Hello Everyone!
In honor of Earth day I decided to take my coffee outside this morning.
It's so crazy to me how inside my house it's freezing and I don't even want to get out of bed and I step outside and it's sunny and there's a nice breeze!

Some of my favorites in one picture.  
First of all I love this MUG, I got it from Target a couple of months ago. 
I believe they were on sale for $2-3's at the time. 
They had a couple of other ones with cute sayings. 
I got my friend one that said "#muglife" and my mom got her friend one that said "Blonde roasts have more fun". 
I loved them all, you have to check them out at

Second favorite of mine are my nails!
First of all I am obsessed with this blue color (JulieG Nail Polish in Santorini only $3.99) and because I kept re doing my nails with the same color I decided to add a little something to them. 
I used little studs from Sally Beauty Supply, they are so easy to apply and add something different to your regular manicure without it being a nail art or fancy/difficult design. 
I plan on doing a post soon on how I apply these studs. 
Trust me they stay on and no need for me to go to a salon to get them done. 

For the flaky "Starbucks" looking croissant, this one is from Costco. 
(They have a $1 off right now for the pack of croissants)
All I do is pop it in the oven and get it a little warm. 
Some days I add some cream cheese w/ turkey & avocado and other days I just eat it by itself. 

I wanted to share that I have had a love hate relationship with coffee lately. 
If you know me, you know I love my morning coffee, but for a couple of days I had to stop drinking it! I recently found out I suffer from migraines and to my surprise the doctor told me that for some people coffee, chocolate and cheese bring on the migraines. 
So it has been a trial and error kind of thing for me.
Having to see what causes my migraines and what to do to avoid them. 
So trust me I have reduced my coffee consumption, which is very sad. 
So on days that I feel okay, trust me I enjoy my coffee and I mean what my mug says (lol).

Being outside gave me this pretty view of the roses!
I just had to take a closer shot. 

So so pretty!
I love roses, and these are so bright.
Growing up my parents always had roses and these just bring back memories. 

By the way if you suffer from migraines and have any tips please share!!!
My close friends who suffer from them have given me tips which is very sweet but we are all different and certain things make us tick. 
For me right now it's LIGHT, from the sun, or inside the house. 
It kills me. 
Anyways, this was a little rant of everything, but I hope you enjoyed!

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