Late Night Target Run

11:30 PM

Hello Everyone!
I'm actually just getting back from a late night Target run and wanted to share with you all what I got. I needed some medicine for my runny nose and I used it as an excuse to go to Target, I could have easily gone to a drugstore but that's not as fun.  
I hope you enjoy and that it doesn't make you want to go to target tonight (lol). 

Target Haul

The order of the pictures are the order I picked up each item you can tell what isles I ran through and how the one thing I was looking for I got at the end, I actually almost forgot it, haha. 

The filing folders come in handy so much for work and to organize my paper work at home, they come in cute colors and they are only $1 in the dollar section. 

I first noticed this line on instagram on targetdoesitagain, she mentioned how if you purchase anything from this line you are helping raise money to feed hungry Americans. I thought this was such a cool concept and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to pick something up and this V neck shirt was one my favorites from the line and $18's for a V neck seems like a lot but the cause is so good that I think it's way worth it. 
This top helps feed 14 people. 

I picked it up in a small because the medium seemed to big, so if you pick one up make sure it looks like it's going to fit. I would've tried it on but Target was closing soon so I had to hurry. 

Love this stuff. 
Check out my June Favorites where I talk about it a little more. 

Okay so I have been using my elf eyelash curler and it's just disappointed me lately. 
The little band even tough I replaced it to a new one tears off and comes off all the time and I think it was just time for a new one. I normally love Revlon products so I thought I would give this one a try. 

Make up wipes another reason I had to go to Target. 
I've been breaking out for many reasons lately and one of the reasons is because I've been going to sleep with my make up on. I get home late and to tiered to take the time to take it off and I ran out not to long ago so I needed these ASAP. 

I can't remember the last time I used these pore strips so I know it's time to get this done. 
I will let you know how I like these, I have yet to try them. 

I have heard so many good things about this BB Cream and I am finally giving it a try. 
With this hot weather I tend to get even more oily than usual so I definitely wanted to test this BB Cream out right now. As soon as I give it a try I will be doing a review on it. 

 I really loved the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in 'Bubble Plum' and I just saw my friend post on Instagram her nails done in the mint green color, I loved it. 
I wasn't looking for this line today but happen to come across this one on clearance so of course I couldn't pass it up. 
Normal price is $5.49 and right now its $3.84. 

Oh yes lastly the thing I went to Target for (lol). 
I feel my self getting sick all over again and I am trying to fight it, I can't be sick right now.
This stuff always helps me, I would've picked up some real adult medicine in pills but I'm not good at taking pills. I know it's really sad so I am very thankful that they have liquid medicine for adults because the children's Tylenol obviously doesn't do much. 
Hope you enjoyed. Good Night Everyone!

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  1. As mentioned before I cant believe they are on sale already

    1. right!? you just have to be on a hunt for the clearance stickers :)