Impulse Find of the Week

3:25 PM

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to share my target impulse buy of the week, so I had some time to kill during my day and where else would I go then my lovely target. 
I told my self to check out the clearance racks and get out of there. 
Then I ran into all these pretty dresses and OMG I couldn't pick which one I wanted and I brought it down to two dresses, and I ended up picking them both up. 

Dress #1

How cute is this!?
I shared a picture on my instagram but it was a blurry picture and it didn't do the dress any justice. 
I fell in love with it, and here is why this was an impulse buy, I tried on the medium and it was way to big so I was looking for a small and I didn't find it, I ended up getting the XS and yeah, that didn't work out. 
I ended up returning it today but I couldn't find a small. I have a couple more Targets to check out so hopefully I can find it. I was planning on wearing it to my goddaughters first birthday next week.
 I think maxi dresses are perfect for birthday parties, they let you move free and this one has a little peplum going on so it will let me eat what I want and not show it ;)
Find dress # 1 here

I found a similar one at forever 21. What do you think?

It's very similar, they only difference is the top is not crossed in the back and no neon at the bottom,
which is my favorite part about dress #1. 
Find this dress here

Dress #2

Okay so I swear that I crack my self up, I found this dress and I loved the sleeves and the pleading at the bottom so I really wanted it and the clearance sticker said it was $17, I thought not bad. 
At the check out I noticed it was $10's, awesome right?
Okay here's the funny thing; its from the Target maternity line and I'm not pregnant, I swear.(lol) 
But hey, still a good deal. This one fits so good and I love it. 
Find it here

Which one is your favorite dress?
Going to Target always makes my day, so I hope you enjoyed this post. 
Thank you for stopping by. 

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  1. Thank you!I already have them planned out for specific days :)