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Hello Everyone!
I have yet to do a July favorites because I don't have many new items to show you or anything different from my past favorites, but one thing I have been obsessed with this past month have been maxi dresses! 
At this point off at the top of my head I know I have at least eight maxi dresses in my collection; for some it may not seem like much but to me that's a lot of maxi dresses to have for the summer and I'm so excited to wear them all!

My most recent purchases have been from Target and Forever 21 which you can check out on this post here
I have really been liking ordering on line from Forever 21, I don't have to look through racks and different sections I just click and it comes to my house in a couple of days. Oh, that's one thing I wanted to mention Forever 21's shipping is so quick and right on point, they send email confirmations and tracking information, I love that since I am all about customer service. 

So on to what I got; the only thing I was looking for was a dress for my Goddaughter's 1st birthday and I found two I couldn't decide on them so I got both, why not right?!

Here is the first one, which I had eye balled if you read my Impulse Find of the Week post.

1st Dress

 One thing I really liked about this dress both when I saw it and when I got it in the mail is the slit at the bottom, it shows of your legs but still covers your bum no one wants to be seeing through to your chonis-underwear (lol). 

Same goes for this second dress, it's the same style just a different print. I think the print on this one was more fun and not as casual. 

2nd Dress

When I first ordered the dresses I wasn't sure which one I would be wearing on the weekend but as soon as I saw this bright blue tribal print dress this was the one. 
It looked so pretty during the day, at night time and in pictures, it's definitely one of my favorites right now. 

Here are a couple tips I have learned when buying dresses: 
1) Make sure it's going to be comfortable
2) Make sure it fits right
3) Think about what bra you will be wearing
This is actually one of my biggest pet peeves on me and other girls, when you have a pretty dress and your whole bra is showing in the back, straps falling of the side, and you can see right through the dress. 

This is at least what I look out for when buying dresses because when I was younger I wasn't sure how to dress my self or what went with what, or thought about how things would look before buying them. 
I would get home and my bra would be showing so I would throw on a shirt under and layer up and let me just tell you all those straps on top of each other do not look cute. 

The last thing I want to leave you with are some pictures of me wearing the dress, I didn't take any outfit pictures I wish I could have but this is what I have. 
I had a great time celebrating my Goddaughter's birthday and spending time with her and of course her mom which has been one of my closest and bestest friends for a long time now. I'm very happy to be a part of their lives. 

I wore the dress with a strapless bra, it looked so much better without the extra straps and the dress itself gives great support, it also covers up the tummy area really good so, I stuffed my face and had nothing to worry about. 

In this picture I was giving her her gift I got pretty emotional because I want nothing but the best for her and of course my siblings and they all keep me going on days I don't feel as motivated to do much. I know hard work will pay off for me and that will allow me to spoil them rotten. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and that the quick tips are helpful to you.
Thank you for stopping by. 

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