Color Jamz Semi Permanent Hair Color Review+Demo

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Hello Everyone!
Since I went back to red hair I knew the maintenance would not be easy. 
I was going in to the salon every 3 to 4 weeks and it was showing on my hair. The damage to my hair was the main reason I cut it off. To maintain the brightness of the color, my hairstylist recommended Color Jamz. I tried it already once and it is very messy. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. 

I also want to mention I'm no expert this is just how I used the product after using it for the first time I learned some tricks so I wanted to share them.

 Also I apologize for the quality of the pictures, I used my iPhone. 
I hadn't planned on doing a whole post but like I mentioned I did things a little different from the first time so I did want to share. I didn't find many reviews on this product so I hope this helps someone. 

(After one use of the Cool Jamz). 
Please remember my hair has been previously bleached and dyed red, professionally not by me. Depending on your hair color this Semi Permanent color will show up differently. 

You can find them at Sally Beauty Supply, they are pretty inexpensive. ($6-8's)
I had trouble finding my color at the stores near me. So I went on a hunt for it lol.
I used the Wild Red. 

What you will need: 
Mixing bowl & brush Sally's Beauty Supply
Gloves (Courtesy of my BF)
Conditioner (Any will do)
Clips/Hair ties
Plastic bags/paper

I was pretty lucky and found a mixing bowl, gloves, brush and bottle set at Sally's the day I went in to the store. Keep an eye out for them if you want to try to dye your hair at home. 
It was around $5-6's so I thought it was a good deal. 

Make sure you use some kind of plastic to cover your counters and floor and any carpets. This will help with staining. Anything this dye touches will get stained. 

First step add conditioner to your bowl. 
Now guys I will tell you I am no expert! 
This is simply what I do and I do eye ball the amounts. 

Add the Color Jamz and mix it all together. 

I felt like mine needed a little more conditioner only because I wanted this to cover my whole hair. The last thing I wanted to do was to have to mix more dye as I was going. 

This seemed like a good mix and enough to cover my hair so I stopped here. 

I parted my hair as best I could, oh and don't forget to brush it before so that you don't have knots in your hair. I found that the clips helped me hold my hair back as I moved on to the next section. I used the hair ties for the bottom hair. 

I pretty much painted on the color and brushed it out as I went. I did miss some spots so I went back in with my fingers and made sure I got every strand. 
(My sister also helped me point out the dry spots). 

Make sure you brush it out and that you go back in to add color where needed. 

All done. 
This stuff is messy! I don't know how many times to warn you!
Look at those gloves. My sister said it reminded her of Grey's Anatomy. lol

After you have brushed it out and made sure you got every part you can put your hair up. 
I left it on for about an hour to an hour in a half.

When I washed it out I used regular shampoo, I needed to get the dye out. 
To condition it I used the Aussie 3 minute miracle. 

To remove any stains I used conditioner, the same one I used to mix the dye. It did the job.

This is my hair after. 
Keep in mind the lighting wasn't the best but you can see my hair has a little more life in it than before. Of course my roots will not be red, they will have to be bleached before any color goes on. 
I'm pretty happy with the results. 

The only negative thing about it is that I feel like the color isn't as red as I would like it. As you can see from the bottle it's pink and I see some pink spots in my hair. I expected red dye not pink.

I still like the look it gives my hair and that I'm able to keep it from getting damaged a little more. 
As far as the messiness just be careful what you touch. Make sure that when you wash it out you also wear gloves. Yes I am not joking about that. The first time I used it I told my BF that if smurfs were pink I would look just like one. My whole neck, chest and arms were stained pink. 
Remember I'm going for a red color and the dye still stained pink. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. Again please remember I am no expert. I'm just a red head trying to keep my hair as bright as possible. 

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  1. This is so cool! I was going to do my hair red but went with blonde, I love fun cool colors.