Vanilla Soy Iced Coffee (Coffee Ice Cubes)

11:15 AM

Hello Everyone!
Keep cool this summer with this super easy and delicious iced coffee!
Over the summer I can't find myself drinking hot coffee in the morning, so I end up picking up iced coffee at Starbucks which I mean of course it gets expensive very quickly. 

Now that I'm dairy free it's hard to pick up coffee just anywhere. Not all places offer soy milk or almond milk. Of course sometimes I do treat my self  to some Starbucks but on a regular day here's what I've been doing. 

What you will need: 
Mason jar & Straw (to make it cute of course) - Target
Vanilla Soy Creamer - Target
Ice cube tray

The ice cube tray is the star of the show (Get it, get it?)
Okay so the ice cubes I left in the freezer the night before so that they would be ready to make my iced coffee in the morning. 

Brew your coffee, I used the breakfast blend on the Keurig. 
This one taste really good. 
I let the coffee sit out for awhile to cool down. 

Once the coffee cooled down for about 2 minutes I pop it in to the freezer to cool down faster. 

As you can see I had the ice cube tray sitting out for awhile, so the ice cubes were easy to pop out.
Add them to your cup/mug. 

Poor your coffee over the ice. 

Add as much creamer as you like. 

And you are all done!
You can always add chocolate syrup to make it sweeter or add cinnamon that would be yummy!
Make it your own.

I love this! 
It's not watered down because the ice cubes are already coffee. 
You can also use regular creamer or almond milk whatever milk you want to use. 
Hope you give it a try. 

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