April Favorites

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Hello Everyone & Good Morning!
So because I skipped last months favorites I decided to include some of my March and April Favorites in this post. I mainly had a lot of nail polish favorites and not so much make up or beauty items.
I haven't been wearing much make up, because of the heat I try to stay away from a lot of make up and as for foundation I have been using nothing but the Pond's BB+ Cream.
(Check out my review here).
 I also included some random favorites. Hope you enjoy!

April Favorites 

I had to share how much I've been loving Jamba Juice especially with this hot weather!
I always order either the Razzmatazz or the Bannana Beryy (My new favorite).
What do you order when you go there?!

List of My Favorite Products:
Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo Walmart
Malibu Heat Body Lotion Bath & Body Works
+ Nail Polishes See picture in post for those details. 
Beauty Secrets Acetone 32 fl. oz bottle Sally Beauty Supply

For my hair I have been loving this dry shampoo. 
This dry shampoo smells clean and doesn't leave white residue on my hair; it's also a pretty good size which I like because it has lasted me a pretty good time. 

Most of the products I have on here were my favorites because they smell really good & of course they keep me smelling good :)

The Malibu heat body lotion I love. It's thick and smells amazing!
I got it a while back and I tried finding it on the website I didn't see it online. 
I've gone in to Bath & Body Works before where I couldn't find a certain lotion and if you ask them they will help you find something similar. 
This lotion reminds me of summer nights or just sitting out in the sun. 
Happy thoughts...

List of Nail Polishes: (Left to Right)
Milani in 'Vanilla Almond' (29A)
Sinful Colors in 'Alfresco' (1219)
Milani in 'Showty Sea Green' (01)
Julie Nail Colors in 'A Star is Born' 
Sally Hansens Hard as Nails in 'Lacey Lilac' (270)
Julie Nail Colors in 'Fred'

Obsessed with all these polishes!!
I wish I could pick one favorite but I kept alternating all these polishes the last couple of weeks so I had to include them all. 
I also had to add that glitter! I added it to all the colors you see and I'm wearing it now on my nails and on my toes. (obsessed). 

Nails of the Day: Sinful Colors in Alfresco & Julie Nail Colors in A Star is Born

I really got tired of buying small little bottles of acetone/nail polish remover; so I decided to just get a 32 oz bottle and refill a small bottle to use everyday. 
It's working out great, and as you can see I've already used a lot of it. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!
My sister and I had lot's of fun taking pictures outside.  
& huge thanks to my little sis who helps me with this blog :)

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  1. That's also my go to acetone at the moment

    1. Really!? I had never used it but it works great! I'm happy with it

  2. I need to try that acetone. How much is it?

    1. It's very affordable I want to say $5's at Sally's Beauty Supply, they have different brands too.

  3. Love the pics! Your sister does a great job. I think I had that SInful colors in my hand one day when they were .99 at Walgreens. I wanted to compare it to Santorini, but for some reason or another I put it down. It looks so pretty.

    1. Thank you, she was happy to see your comment! :-) The Sinful Colors have so many pretty colors and they do such a great job :) Thank you for your comment :D