Spring & Summer Must Haves

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Hello Everyone!
With Summer around the corner and the weather getting warmer and warmer here in Cali, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite products that keep me happy right now.  

List of Products:
Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Sunscreen Ride Aid ($8-11's)
EOS Shave Cream Target ($3.49)
Baby Lips Dr.rescue Target ($3.49)
Pond's BB+ Cream Target ($9.99)
Julie Nail Color in Canary Island JessesGirlCosmetics.com
Sinful Colors in PINK (871) Walgreens ($1/99)
Seche Vite Top Coat Sally Beauty Supply (On Sale $5.50)
Toni&Guy Sea salt texturing spray  Target ($14.99)
Not your mothers dry shampoo ULTA ($5.99)

All these products I use are very affordable they will not break the bank for you. 
These have become my go to products. 
It's funny, it's not till I start picking my items for these kinds of post that I realize how much I use these items. 
Oh I also noticed I have talked about most of these items in past posts so I will make sure to link any reviews or related posts. 

Bright nail polishes are a must have for spring and summer!
I am obsessed with bright colors and anything that pops I'm all for it. 
What are some of your favorite bright polishes for spring and summer?!

My Nails of the Day:
Sinful Colors in PINK (871)

I had to add the Seche Vite because this nail polish drys matte which I'm not too much of a fan off, so I added this top coat and I loved how it turned out. 

To keep my lips hydrated I'm loving this Baby Lips Dr. rescue.
 I like the feeling when you apply it because it has a little burn to it, nothing painful, but it feels like it's doing it's job. 

It has a slight tint as you can see in the picture below; It's hardly there which I really like. 

Dry Shampoo.
This was a part of my April Favorites. 
I don't want to sound all gross but with this hot weather dry shampoo is a must, especially because we are sweating all day and I find that even after washing my hair that same day my hair feel so dirty! 
I've been having issues keeping my hair looking good because with the hot weather my hair gets dry so I apply oils to it, which make is oily and it feels dirty so at one point even dry shampoo won't help.
Am I alone on this one?!

Back in February my family got me a Glossy Box superscription as a Christmas gift, check out my unboxing post here, which was such a cool gift I enjoyed the whole thing! 
Most of the products I got were pretty good sizes and this is one of the products I have been loving!
I normally let my hair air dry and after it's damp I apply this spray and my hair is so soft and it give me these pretty waves which I love because one I don't have to apply heat to my hair and two it saves me time getting ready. Okay I might have to do a post about this product (lol).

Products for the face are very important. For me right now I'm all about applying sunscreen everywhere. 
This BB+ Cream has been my go to face product. It covers just what I want, gives me SPF 15 and most importantly lets my skin breath. 
Check out my full review

Last week my friend let me know she was going to Disneyland so because I have the deluxe annual pass,which means NO block out days I had to be there!
My boyfriend and I normally go in the evenings because with this heat we don't want to be out in the hot sun, so I knew I'd be out in the sun all day and I had to pick up a new sunscreen; last time I went to Disney during the day I got so burnt so I didn't want that happening again. 
I went to ride aid and this sunscreen bottle looked so cute and it smelled great so that's what I went with. 
It smells great, it leaves your skin with a little shimmer, which I loved.
So defiantly a favorite from now on and I didn't get burnt. 

With the summer time and showing a little more skin, not that I show a lot lol but let me tell you I have been wearing ripped boyfriend jeans and the other day that I wore them I realized I hadn't shaved and obviously only I could tell but on to the product, this eos shave cream is awesome!
I picked it up because of the packaging of course, its so cute.
It smells so good, makes shaving so much easier and leaves my skin so soft. 
I also used it out of the shower one time and it worked just as good; I've used other shaving creams out of the shower and they leave me itchy so I'm very happy with this one. 

Sorry for all the ranting (lol) I feel like I haven't shared products in so long so I want to share as much as possible. 
I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to share some of your must haves for spring and summer. 

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  1. I'm such a big fan of your Sinful Colors polish! It's so pretty and bright! I wish I could go to Disneyland all the time :D

    1. Thank you! I'm really into all the fun bright colors right now :) & yes it's a lot of fun!

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