Covergirl Bombshell Volume Mascara Review

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Hello Everyone!
I'm back with another review for you, I know I have been a little MIA on here but I wanted to hurry and share my thoughts on this mascara because I gave it a good couple of weeks and I just need to share with you my experience and see if any of you have tried it and had the same experience. 
Keep reading to find out my full thoughts. 

Covergirl Bombshell Volume Mascara 

My First Impressions: 
When I first saw this mascara on youtube/blogs on posts like hauls and reviews I noticed how big the packaging looked, which I guess makes sense because the whole point of this mascara is that it has two wands, to make the two steps. 

Now when I saw it in person I thought the same thing, I almost didn't buy it because the packaging was so bulky and it seemed like it would be difficult to apply. Regardless I still wanted to give this product a try to see for my self if it was good or not. 

What it Claims: 
Two Step Mascara: 
Step 1: Apply base coat = Voluminous lashes
Step 2: Apply top coat = Intensify lashes

Overall claims to give you big voluminous lashes. 

$8-9's at Target 

Formula & Application:
The formula for me was too clumpy; It seemed like I was applying glue to my lashes. 
I'm sure this mascara works different on everyone but on my lashes all it did was glue them together. 

Applying this mascara was a bit tricky like I thought it would be. It gets easier the more you use it. 
1) The mascara is bulky and hard to hold
2) You have to switch hands in order to use it correctly (that's what got tricky for me)
3) As your applying it your lashes are sticking together which makes it hard by the time you get to step two your lashes are clumped up and it makes it difficult to apply the top coat. 

Wand #1
To big and bulky.
Hard to apply to corner lashes and definitely to bulky for bottom lashes. 

Wand #2
This was my favorite of the two; I tried applying only the second step but this mascara is meant to work together so applying the top coat did nothing to lashes. If anything I feel like using only one step weighted my lashes down. 

I think Covergirl had a good idea here but it just didn't work for me.

I do want to share this was such a difficult mascara to remove from my lashes. 
This stuff is glued to my lashes!
To attempt and remove this mascara I used all kinds of eye make up removers from cream to oil and make up remover wipes all at one time and this stuff would not budge.
I even washed my face with facial cleanser during the shower and when I got out the shower I looked like I had been crying and the mascara was still clumped in between my lashes! 
This has never happened to me; I'm a big weirdo to having stuff in my eyes (not sure if it's a phobia or not) but knowing something is not coming off my eyelashes made me panic every night. 
It also became a bit painful for my eyes to rub them so much and I lost a lot of lashes these last couple of weeks while using this mascara. 

Do I love it or hate it?
Hate it. 

Would I re-purchase?
No. Definitely not picking this up again. 

As much as I wanted to like this mascara it just didn't work out for me. From packaging to formula from application to removing it, it just wasn't a good experience for me. 
Please feel free to share your thoughts if you tried this mascara or if you have any questions on anything I left out please ask down below. Thank you for stopping by!
Pictures taken with Cannon 7D by your truly. 

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