Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ Cream Review

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Hello Everyone!
Back to back reviews this week; Yay!
Today I wanted to share my thoughts on this Pond's BB+ Cream; this has been my go to product for the last couple of weeks. So a couple of weeks ago I went to Disneyland on a really hot day and dummy me, I forgot to wear sunscreen! (I know that's so bad).
Long story short, I was in the sun all day and my face ended up getting burnt!
 My skin on my face and even my eye lids felt really dry and I could feel the skin peeling off. 
I would wear foundation to cover it up but it would only make it worse, the foundation would point out those areas even more and I just didn't like it. 
Then I remembered I had this BB+ cream that would provide light coverage, SPF and a luminous finish; and that's how I re-discovered this product because I believe when I first purchased this product I wasn't a big fan. Which goes to show you you may not like something when you first use it but you never know if you will fall in love with it later on. 

Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ Cream Review 

Color & Price:
I got mine at ULTA, but you can find it at Target right now for $9.99.
I found that drugstores like Walgreen's race up the price I've seen it between $9-12+.

First Impressions:
I've actually had this BB+ Cream for a couple of months now. I hauled it from ULTA back in January. 
The first thing that caught my attention was the packaging, at first you see it in a cute little box but when you take it out it just looks so pretty and high end to me at least. What do you think?

As far as using it for the first time, I didn't really like it. It left my face very oily and greasy feeling. 
I also think it had a lot to do with my skin tone not matching the shade at the time. 
Like I mentioned earlier when I burnt my face this came in handy everyday. 
It cooled down my face, moisturized it throughout the day and gave me a slight coverage too. 

What it Claims:
Covers imperfections
Reduces dark spots
Not greasy, matte finish
SPF 15
Non-comedogenic, which means it will not clog your pores
Source: Ponds.com

2 Shades available: Light & Medium.

Formula & Application:
Very creamy formula which makes sense because it it a cream. 
Remember this is not a foundation, which is what I like about this product. 
The formula is easy to wok with as you can see in the picture above it goes on smoothly, not chunky or oily looking. The more you blend in the cream it begins forming into your skin and the color matches perfectly. 

This is another product just like the Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation that I like to apply with my hands. It makes it so much easier and quicker to apply in the mornings. 
I warm the product up either in the back of my hand or with my fingers and begin to apply just like you would apply a moisturizer. 

Light coverage. 
This product is not going to leave you with a flawless looking face it's going to enhance your own skin and I feel like it lets my skin heal and at the same time provides me with some coverage. 
As you can see in the picture about I have the cream on my right side of my hand, if you notice to the left side you can see little sun spots on my hand. 
The cream does a great job at covering it and still looking natural. 

5 out of 5. 
This BB+ cream has rejuvenated my skin, my skin is still not perfect by all means but it helped it heal after getting sun burnt and I enjoy using it everyday. 
It's easy to work with and gives me the results I want. 
When you use something like this don't expect to have great results at the beginning I had a love hate relationship but as I wore it more and more it just became my favorite face product at the moment. 
This product did everything it claimed and more. 
I hope you enjoyed this review & thank you so much for stopping by!
Oh! How do you like the new lay out?! My sister and I decided to change it up a bit :)

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  1. I wanted to buy a BB cream few weeks ago and hesitated to buy this one. Thank you for this review Gabriela!
    You did a great job with your new lay out! I love that it's uncluttered. I hope I used the right word, I've never used it before so I'm not sure!

    1. Hope it was helpful!! & thank you! and yes you used the right word, that's what my sister and I were going for. We wanted a clean and organized layout. thank you Lucie!! :)

  2. I tried this bb cream but it totally didn't work for me