On the Go

8:06 PM

Hello Everyone!
Here's a simple and quick outfit of the day for work.
Sometimes I run out of time to get ready or I have to run errands before I go to work and I don't want to run around in heels or super dressy, this is when I pull basic pieces from my closet.

Today's Basics: Black Peplum top, Cardigan, Black pants & Flats.

My little feet were tiered and I opted for some comfy flats that day.
I went for an all black basic look and a pop of gold to bring the outfit all together.

On the Go

Sometimes the way you dress makes a huge difference on how you feel that day.
I just saw a video by Alejandra on YouTube where she says she works from home so, she went out and got cute PJ's to motivate her to get through her day. 
I feel the same way when I get ready to go to work; I want to look professional but still be comfortable.

I dyed my hair I want to say like a week ago and I love the color!
I decided to keep the red in my hair because I'm not tired of it just yet.
My hairstylist did a little darker base color but made the highlights brighter, as much as I like it I think next time I will go even brighter. 

Outfit Details:
Top Forever21 Pants Target Flats Target Cardigan Gift


I hope you enjoyed this post & Thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. You look great Gabriela! I love your gold cardigan :D

  2. The dress arrived in time. I could have either kept the low cut by adjusting the straps or bring my neck line up. I chose to bring my neck line up by about two inches.