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12:57 PM

Hello Everyone & Happy New Year!!
Today I came across some inspiring quotes on Instagram and considering we just entered a new year I wanted to share them with you all.
I hope they inspire you even if it's to make you smile or get you out of bed and do something productive and make today count ;)
I know these types of quotes get me out of bed I tell myself 'stop being lazy and get up'!
For me it's very hard to inspire my self so, I really appreciate quotes like this that make me realize 'Okay, I can do this'. 

This is so true! 
I can be super pumped to do something one day and be all into it and then something goes wrong and I'm done and over it. 
Once I lose the motivation I no longer want to do it but if you learn to create habits it will make your life so much easier; and obviously were talking about good habits!
I can't tell you how many times I have created bad habits and all they have done is bring me down so, by applying my self and changing my ways I have learned to slowly create these good habits. 

I have been told many times that I always bring my self down and I think it's my way of defending my self by either saying I messed up or I didn't know how to do something before someone else points it out. 
This year I do intend to change that by being sure in my self that I know what I'm doing and to be confident in it as well. 
I am the #1 person to always put my self down and this year I want to change that. 

This is huge for me!
So many people in my life have told me you can't do that, that's not going to work out, what are you thinking.
At one point I began to doubt my self and I hated that feeling. 
I've seen this quote before and it always reminds me to prove people wrong, that's one of the most rewarding feelings; when someone told you you couldn't and you turn it around and said you did it!
Why not stand out and prove those people wrong. 

I hope this motivates you guys to do what you want and get out there and make it happen!
I'm by no means saying I do this every day and I'm always motivated trust me I'm not. 
I like to complain about my 'hard life' when it's really not; I'm very blessed to have what I have and I think awhile back when I read the book 'the secret' it made me realize that. 
Thank you so much to everyone who stops by my blog and takes the time to comment it means a lot!

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