John Frieda Shampoo & Conditioner Review

9:11 PM

Hello Everyone! 
I have been using this shampoo & conditioner since I hauled it from ULTA; I have given it a try and made up my mind about this product. 
I was comparing this to the previous shampoo & conditioner I have been using for red hair which was the Riveting shampoo & conditioner. At the time I was using the riveting shampoo & conditioner I did love it, but had some complaints about it; make sure to check out my thoughts back then here.

John Frieda Radiant Red Shampoo & Conditioner

What it Claims:
The Shampoo
Contains intensifying extracts 
Preserves and magnify's vibrant red color
For all shades of red from natural to color treated and or highlighted hair
Source: ULTA 

The Conditioner
Replenishing conditioner
Renews soft, supple texture
Nourishing formula that enhances color intensity 
Helps maintain vibrant red color
For all shades of red from natural to color treated and or highlighted hair just like the shampoo. 
Source: ULTA

My thoughts:
The shampoo did it's job it left my hair feeling clean and it didn't dry it out. 
I didn't see the color being stripped down; which is huge for me especially with having red hair. 
I do realize it's impossible to keep red hair forever but this stuff has helped maintain it a lot easier. 

The Conditioner has to be my favorite because it really moisturized my hair and it made it vibrant and stand out. Sometimes when washing my red hair I think about skipping conditioner because with the Riveting Conditioner it didn't moisturize my hair, so I felt like all it was doing was washing out my color faster, I would sometimes skip the conditioner to be honest. 
With this John Frieda Conditioner, I love the consistency, my hair feels clean, moisturized and still vibrant. 

What I really like about this stuff is that I see myself using it even when I change my hair color because it really leaves my hair so soft, I can run my fingers though my hair with no problem. My hair doesn't freeze up like crazy so sometimes I don't even add oils to my hair after washing it, I just let it be. 
So with that being said I recommend the John Frieda Shampoo's & Conditioners for any hair color. 
I give this a 5 out of 5. 
I have no complaints about this product. My hair has faded but that's going to happen this shampoo doesn't claim to deposit color back into your hair it just claims to make it more vibrant. 
Have you tried the John Frieda products!? What are your thoughts!?
Pictures taken with the Canon EOS 7D

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