How to: Marshmallow Pops for Babies 1st Birthday

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Hello Everyone!
This past weekend I made these cool marshmallow pops for my cousin's baby's 1st Birthday, they were pretty fun to make so of course I wanted to share with you all.
These are so easy to make!
I'm no baker so I didn't want to stress about stuff not tasting good but I still wanted to contribute something to the baby's party. So I jumped on Pinterest which by the way I'm obsessed with, but anyways I found these easy to make pops so I got everything I needed in one day and made them the day of the party so they would be fresh.
I hope you enjoy this different post, in case you have a party to go to or your own kids party to plan this is a great idea. I also think it would be cute to set up a table where the kids can make their own marshmallow pops and create different looks and add their own favorite toppings.

What you will need:
Jumbo Marshmallows~Target
Candy Melts~Joann's
Lollipop Sticks~Joann's
Coconut Shavings~99 cent store
Turtle Crunch (or toppings of your choice)~Joann's
2 Microwavable bowls~Costco top-aware 
1 Extra Bowl

First Step; Pour as much candy melt as you feel you will need in a microwavable bowl.
I basically followed the instructions on the bag but keep in mind depending on the watts on your microwave it will melt the chocolate faster or slower. Which in my case I first melted the candy melt for 1:00 minute and the chocolate didn't seem to melt much, so I added 30 seconds. 

The candy melt begins melting and that's when you want to start steering until you get a smooth consistency. 

It's very easy to work with so just keep mixing; I took pictures of every stage so you can see the process & your done it's smooth and ready for you to dip the marshmallows. 

Have your sticks ready and sick them into the marshmallow. 
I twisted it in so it wouldn't create a big hole.

Quick Tip:
This was my first time making these so I learned a lot as I was going. One thing I want to share is to not put the marshmallows on the stick until the end. What ended up happening to me was that I dipped the marshmallow, topped it and then I have no where to put them to let it dry. 
If you have somethings like styrofoam  to stand them up I think that would be great if not, dip the marshmallow first, add the topping and lay in on a flat plate to let it dry. 
Once they are dry, which it doesn't take to long, then add the stick; do this gently if not the candy melt will crack and the toppings will begin to fall off. 

I sprinkled the toppings over a bowl so I could re use the fall out.
Sprinkle away until your happy with how it looks. 

As I dipped the marshmallows I tried shaping them so they would be even but these aren't meant to be perfect so I just went with it. 
Another quick tip is to make sure you let the candy melt dry evenly at the top because if not you will have lop sided lollipops. I didn't learn that until they dried (lol).

I decided to get this cool confetti candy melt with the colors of the party which were pink, purple and blue. 

The ones above weren't my favorite the confetti in it didn't show like I thought it would.
But they still looked nice.

Last minute I decided to make some coconut ones for the adults who like coconut.
These ended up being my favorite because they just looked so pretty!
All the marshmallow pops were really good, they are really sweet so you have been warned. 

The most important thing was that the birthday girl enjoyed them!
She was so cute, she kept asking for more. All the other kids seemed to be enjoying them too. 
I hope you enjoyed this post & thank you so much for stopping by!

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  1. Oh I want some ;D They're so cute and it looks very easy to do !