January's Collective Haul

7:13 PM

Hello Everyone!
This past month I have been hauling things here and there so instead of having a couple small hauls I decided to just share it all with you. I shopped at Walmart, Target, Ross, and G Stage.
I've got a little bit of everything from fashion to beauty even food (lol).
I hope you enjoy!

Haul Time!
Let's start with one of my favorite items that I picked up today. 
I've been wanting some of these comfy pants for awhile now and I finally came across them at ROSS. 
I tried them on and I couldn't let them go and they were only $12.99!
I looked them up online to compare prices and I found very similar ones from Charlotte Ruse for $24.99; I say I got a good deal. 

I originally went to ROSS too look for some cute tops because my birthday is coming up this week, so I wanted some cute tops to wear to dinner or just to go out to celebrate. 
I love wearing peplum tops not only are they cute but if your feeling bloated or not to comfortable in tight close these are the way to go. 
This top was $11.99 at ROSS.
I found some similar tops to this one, the first one is from asos.com which has the jeweled collar and one from H&M without the collar but same style, you can always add a statement necklace to get the same look. 

I fell in love with this top! 
I love lace as it is and this one is also a peplum style which I mean another I couldn't pass up. 
This top was $12.99 at ROSS. 
The back is also very pretty which I plan on wearing this one for my birthday so I will try to do an OOTD. 
I didn't really find anything like this top the most similar one is a peplum top with white lace detailing from Freepeople.com

The last clothing items I got from G Stage. 
If you haven't heard of it it's a boutique that sales similar items to Forever 21 and sometimes I think its a better deal; also if you've ever shopped at a swap meet this boutique has similar items and you will see some of the same brands in the clothing, accessories and beauty products. I also noticed they carry NYX products.
If your curious what you can find at a swap meet check out one of my older fashion haul's

Okay so on to the items, I have been on a hunt for a new pair of jeans the ones I have are for everyday wear but I wanted some darker jeans to be able to wear at night. I have continued to gained weight so I had to find pants that fit me!
I originally went to Old Navy to check out there jeans because I always hear good things but I had no luck. 
I swear I tried on over 20 pairs of jeans and they just didn't fit right; either to big, bulky, tight or just not for me. 
My local GStage is really close to Old Navy so I headed over there and found two perfect pairs of jeans that fit right and made everything look good. ;)

The first pair pretty casual but a darker shade that I normally don't get and I love the distressed look. 
Very comfy. 

This pair is exactly what I was looking for. 
The darker shade and simple pair of skinny jeans; they go great with everything. 

I also stopped by Walmart as I waited for all the stores to open just to kill some time and I ended up leaving with some new beauty goodies. 

I seem to have lost my Dove dry shampoo I think someone thought it was an empty bottle because it's very light and they must have tossed it. I tried using the Suave dry shampoo but it just leaves my hair feeling oily and heavy just not good for me. 
I looked into the hair section and I was going to pick up my Dove dry shampoo and then noticed this NEW Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo; it smelled so clean and seemed pretty cool. 
I'ts all natural and is paraben free which caught my eye. The fact that it said NEW had nothing to do with it hahaha. 

I've seen many reviews on these two foundations some people love them some hate them so I want to see how they go on my skin. I will keep you posted. 

I think I've mentioned these in a past haul but I just love them they're a great deal, under $5's and it comes with 20 racers. They also come in pretty girly colors. 
From Target. 

Last week I think it was that I went to Target and picked up a couple things I needed and then I decided to pick these two up right before check out. Why do they do that to us!?
These Special K bars are so good and a great snack to keep in your purse.
I always like to carry lotions with me in my pursue and I have yet to try the EOS lotions so I had to get it, and it looks so cute. It also works great for dry hands.

This was a pretty long haul, I hope your still hanging in there!
Thank you so much for stopping by.
I hope you enjoyed and I will have OOTD's coming up also some new reviews. 
Pictures taken with the Canon 7D.

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    1. Yay!! I'm glad! It makes a huge difference I think. & it's been a lot of fun learning how to use the camera it takes some getting use to. Thank you Karen! :-)

  2. Nice haul Gabriela! I love your peplum style tops! I find them chic :) The EOS lotion packaging is very original, so cute!

    1. Thank you Lucie!! it is and it's very easy to throw in your purse not bulky like other lotions :)