Jesses Girl Cosmetics Unboxing: JulieG Perfect Pair Collection

1:16 PM

Hello Everyone!
I've looked for this collection at my local rid aid and they just never had it, so I decided to order it online. 
If you haven't already noticed I do love me some nail polishes.
I try to re-do my nails at least twice a week. 
This past week I wasn't so inspired to paint my nails because I kept alternating the same colors so I needed some new polishes in my life and these are perfect!
This collection is from the colab with Jesse's Girl Cosmetics and JulieG called the 'Perfect Pair'.

The Perfect Pair

What I got:
JulieG Nail Color in Anthony~Jesse's Girl
JulieG Nail Color in Fred~Jesse's Girl
JulieG Nail Color in Romeo~Jesse's Girl
Jesse's Girl Lipstick in Juliet~Jesse's Girl
& a sample of eye dust
(Thank you Jesse's Girl Cosmetics!)

I wanted to show how the products came packaged which I think is very important when you order stuff online. I wouldn't be happy with a broken package. 
Jesse's Girl Cosmetics wraps everything very good and it all got to me safe. 

How gorgeous are these colors!

I love, love, love coral nail polishes!
I think coral goes great on everyone, its a great pop of color; something different from the normal red pop of color for Valentines day too. 
These polishes are a mixture of coral and pink tones, they really are perfection. 

Let's talk about this lipstick, how pretty is the packaging. 
I think it looks great and the color, amazing!
It's so cool how the lipstick matches the nail polish perfectly.

It's a pretty matte color not a lot of shimmer which I really like. 
Very creamy when I applied it on my hand, I have yet to try it on my lips. 

I decided to get the Romeo & Juliet pair because it's just too cute. 

I love Jesse's Girl cosmetics because the polishes are so amazing!
The color in the bottle is what you get on your nails and this is only one coat.
I only needed one coat for the color to show, I love that. 

I don't know if you noticed but I'm very excited about this collection, I can't wait to try out all the nail polishes; I already know I will love them. 
For swatches of the nails check out my Instagram for daily nails of the day or I may just do a post on swatches for all three polishes. 
I hope you enjoyed this post! 
I do love doing these un-boxing videos because I get to share my first impressions with you all. 
Have you tried any of these products?!

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  1. I love the colors, they are so pretty! These nail polishes seem very good, only one coat and the result is already great :)