Whats in My Make-Up Bag?

9:20 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Today I am taking you inside my make up bag, I typically don't carry a make up bag on me 24/7 unless I am going to be out all day, on a short road trip or headed to a special event I don't take it with me. 
I normally carry my make up to touch up and essentials, let's get in to it. 

My Make up Bag
Coach make-up bag given to me as a gift, and I just adore it.

Whats in my Make-Up Bag?


L'oreal True Match powder / Physician Formula Blush&Highlight (similar) / Maybelline Concealer /



Chap stick in Cherry / Maybelline Baby Lips in Fruit Punch

Along with make-up I also carry essentials like hair ties, bobby pins, band aids, always wipes-to-go, and pantiliners for emergencies. 
The weather has been so nice, that I really wanted to take these pictures outdoors.
I hope you enjoyed taking a look inside my make-up bag.
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  1. Omg i love ur purse!!!!.So cute!!!!! :)

    I have that same lip balm.. i love it! Doesnt it leave ur lips soo soft!

  2. Thank you mari!! yes it does they're amazing!! :)