Sunday Funday

2:19 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Yesterday was defiantly Sunday fun day I got a lot of things done too. The first thing was a little trip to target for some necessities. 
I had to control my self and not get things I didn't really need. I always tend to go crazy in the clearance section because everything seems like a good deal. Until I get home and realize I didn't really need any of it.  

Target Mini Haul

1. Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation I ran out of my foundation and really wanted to try something new. This foundation was only around $8.00 very affordable. 
2. Planner. A couple years back I would always have a planner that would carry my life and basically my diary in it, but I stopped doing that. 
I wanted to start again this year with a fresh one and this one was really cute for less than $10's. 
3. Thank you cards. It is so hard to find cute or decent looking blank cards, I found these on the clearance section for $1.48 not bad for a pack of 10. They can also double up as birthday cards.
4. Gum. Very important to have.  

Shopping at target for anything always makes me happy, I know I am not the only one!

After getting some work done and preparing for the week, I ended my day hanging out with the girls and just relaxing before the week started again.
Sometimes we just need that. 

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