Throwback Thursday: Meet&Greet 2012

12:09 PM

Hello Everyone!!
I can't believe its already Thursday again lol this week went by really fast!
Last week I shared my best&worst hair and that gave me an idea. I would like to make Throwback Thursdays an every week post where I share throwbacks. Today I would like to share a meet&greet I went to at the beginning of 2012. 

The event was called walk&shop this is where the meet&greet was held. Veronica from VeronicaGlam helped Sonia plan the event. There was all kinds of fashion trucks, if you haven't herd of them they are a boutique on wheels. It's such a cool way to shop for clothes and accessories. 

The meet&greet was for Sonia Castaneda (sccastaneda) a YouTube Beauty Guru and Blogger. I was so excited to meet her.

Sonia and me with my cheesy smile lol. 

 Ale the owner of was there with her fashion truck, I could not wait to meet her and shop her store! I wanted to get everything in the store but I stopped my self. She was so sweet when I approached her and told her I was a huge fan of her blog StyledByAle and her YouTube Channel

Ale and I. 

Her fashion truck at the event. 

Some of the things I got from her shop.
 I have featured some of these items in previous posts I love them all!

Another guru that was there to support Sonia was Cristeen from and YouTube Channel. She was so nice when I meet her and she is hilarious in her videos. Her and her husband have recently started vlogging and they are just too funny together. She has a post on her blog about the event also check it out here. This picture of her and I was taken by her husband with her camera. 

This was such a fun experience and I was so glad to share it with my friend who is also into YouTube beauty videos. We both won some gifts from the raffle they did, I ended up getting an elf pallet which I still use daily.
After the meet&greet my friend and I went to Chillie's and she took this picture of me pigging out.

Haha you can see my wana be Ombre hair I was really just letting my hair grow out.
Good times. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. I remember this day! I had so much fun!