January Instagrams 2013

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Hello Everyone!!
For those of you who don't have an instagram account or are not yet following me I wanted to share the past two weeks of pictures I have posted. Instagram has become my addiction I am constantly checking it and double tapping on all the pictures I love!! 

January Instagrams  

This was my first polish for 2013 Fairytale by the Julieg collection. Such a pretty lilac color.

Throwback Thursday: Meet & Greet with StyledbyAle, Sccastaneda and Cdiorme. 
Check out the post here

I love this quote & picture combined. "Act like a lady Think like a BOSS". 
I actually have it set as the picture on my lock-screen it inspires me to keep working hard and aim for the goals I want to accomplish as a women in my life time. 

The picture above inspired this outfit. Check it out here Nude overload.
Be a BOSS ladies!

If you haven't tried LEES sandwiches you need to go! They are so good and so inexpensive. 

I love me some candy!! & these lollipops I don't see often so when I find them I have a couple of them.

I made these awesome ice cream sandwiches they were so easy to make and delicious!

Outfit of the Day. I love this scarf!!

How I store my jewelry so easy and it looks pretty! (here). 
I added the pillows to keep the watches in their shape and prevent them from getting scratched against each other. 

My skin care routine (here).

So true!!

I love this quote!!
 Being grateful has helped me improve things in my life and I have continued to do it everyday. 

Enough said. Part of being grateful.

21st Birthday!!

2 in 1 OOTD

This ended up being pretty long next time I will do a weekly instagram post. 
I hope you enjoyed!!
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