Nude Overload

9:27 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Let me start by saying that whenever I see an Outfit of the day on a blog or video I always wonder where the girls go dressed like that. I follow a lot of blogs for inspiration. I am not looking to copy the look so I think it would be nice to share with you all where I go and what I do while wearing the outfit also where I get the inspiration. 
Today was a work day for me and I also ran some errands before work. The outfit was inspired by a quote I saw on Pinterest "Act like a lady think like a BOSS". How awesome is that and when I thought 'BOSS' I thought of my Kardashian Khaki Slacks that I have yet to wear.  

Let's start with my nails when my nails are done I feel so much better about my self and my Michael Kors watch I just love!!

I decided to put my hair in a bun as a pose to curls which would make me feel girly. I was going for the 'BOSS' look. As I was leaving my grandma told me you look like an executive or boss haha I just laughed and told her that's what I was going for. 

It was pretty cold when I was on my way out so I decided to go all out with the Nude and wear this goldish cardigan. I ended up not needing it. 

Outfit Details:
Top: Forever21
Cardigan: A gift
Pants: Kardashian Kollection at Sears
Shoes: Target
Watch: Michael Kors
Glasses: By Revlon

I have to say the whole day while wearing this outfit I felt really confident and good about myself. Which leads me to my next point if your comfortable in what your wearing and feel good in it you are going to reflect that energy to other people. And I have to say I had a great day while running errands and at work. 
I hope you all had a great day and that you enjoyed this post!!

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  1. You're outfit is super cute and very professional looking :-) and on the subject of nails, hurry to right now! 3 free nail polishes! You just pay $10 for s&h! Code zoya2013! Already ordered mine (twice, whoops! Lol)

    1. Thank you!! And omg that's such an awesome deal I have to check it out!!! :D what colors did u get??

  2. I got Pasha, Paris, Riiley, Richelle, Alegra and Kalista. Pics on my blog :)

  3. Oh nice! I have to check it out :) I got Paloma, Rekha, Katherine