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Hello Everyone!!
I want to start by saying I don't have the best looking skin in fact it is far from perfect but I would like to share with you how I have managed to keep my skin as clear as possible. 
Last year one of my new years resolutions was to wash my make up off before I go to bed. This sounds so easy like who doesn't already do that right!?
 But I would get home late and was always to tiered to bother and wash my face off , so this would result in me sleeping with my make up and waking up with a big zit on my face the next day.
 I have oily-combination skin so adding make up on it all day and night only made my skin worse and worse. 
I am so proud to say I have managed to remove my make up every night sense last year, now there have been the occasional days I skip it but overall I have kept up with it. 
The way I do this by is using make up wipes, so much easier to take of make up and then wash my face if I am not to exhausted that day. 

Here are all the products I use they are all drugstore or very affordable products. 

Product Details: 
Cetaphil daily facial cleanser Target
Olay complete all day moisturizer Target
Queen Helene facial scrubs SallyBeauty
Face wipes Up&up by Target

I am not picky about my facial wipes as long as they don't irritate my skin I can use them. Right now I am using the Up&Up brand from target which work great. 
Quick Tip: 
Sometimes certain wipes are so big that instead of wasting half a face wipe I cut it in half that way I double up on wipes and don't waste any product. 

The Olay moisturizer I have been using for about two years now and it has made my skin go from dry and flacky to soft and touchable. I actually mentioned it in a previous posts as my current favorites. I use it in the mornings after washing my face and again at night before going to bed. 

Cetaphil facial cleanser I have also been using about two years now. This product cleans my face removes everything from make up, dirt and oil and leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Aside from me removing my make up before bed I believe this cleanser has maintained my skin clear from continues zits and blemishes. 

Facial Scrub
These Queen Helene facial scrubs I have not been able to live without!
 Before discovering these I would use St. Ives apricot facial scrub but it was so harsh on my skin.

 I normally keep one in the shower to use at night time before I go to bed to scrub off all dirt and oils built up throughout the day. The other I keep in the counter to scrub in the mornings. 
I use it typically every day if not every other day. 
These are both on sale at sally beauty supply 2 for $8.00. 

The combination of all these products have allowed my skin to clear up and be able to breath. I still get the occasional zit here and there but I don't wake up every morning scared to look in the mirror to find a new little friend. 

I hope this helped you either discover new products or maybe see what could work for you. 
Hope you enjoyed!

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