How To: Store Make-up & My Make-Up Collection

5:31 PM

Hello Everyone!!
In a recent trip to Walmart while browsing around in the office supplies a light bulb turned in my head! 
I have been looking into getting some type of storage for my make up, in the past I have stored it in drawers or small containers but that's not pretty to look at and the make up gets very unorganized. 
 I have seen really pretty glass/plastic storage drawers for make up on ebay (range in price from $39.00-45.00). At Walmart I found this mini storage drawer which reminded me of the make up storage's on Ebay. While I was at the store I pictured where I would place everything. 
I share a room with my two sisters so I don't have a lot of space to store my things and as it is I don't have a big make up collection either. Everything in here is pretty much all I have, so this is perfect. 

Make-Up Storage 

A place for all my brushes, most of them are elf brushes ($1-3) and the others from drugstores. 
Quick Tip:
Place rice inside the container to get the brushes to stay up and in place. 


I love how the first compartment is see through. I wanted my necessities in here. 

Garnier BB Cream / Goldwell hair serum/ Elf Zit Zapper / Chapstick / Eyebrow Razors 


Elf eye liner/ Badgal Lash Mascara / L'oreal Felt Tip Liner / Maybelline Colossal Mascara / Covergirl Black Liner / L'oreal Fairest Nude / Physicians Formula blush&highlighter / Elf eyebrow kit / Clinique eye shadow quad


Elf flawless face pallet. 

Equate face wipes from Walmart. 2 packs (60) for $6.57.

I love this little set up, I have not had it long but love it already. This post also ended up being my mini make up collection. Most of my make-up is from the drugstore and very affordable.
I hope you all enjoyed and that it gives you some ideas on how to store your make-up. 
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p.s I would love to thank my little sister for writing this quick little note pretending to be me, she is so silly and a big smart ass.I couldn't bring my self to deleting it. Shes the best little sister I could have asked for. 

[I would also like to thank the most amazing person and sister in the world for talking me into going on this trip to Walmart and also for being so amazing towards me and everyone around her. I wish there would be more people in the world like her, giving, thoughtful, caring and oh so brilliant. Thank you mother and father for this blessing to the world.]

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