Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation Review

6:52 PM

Hello Everyone!!
For the past two weeks I have been wearing the Maybelline Dream Matte Mouse Foundation (hauled)
to see how my skin reacts and how I like it.
 I was very curious to try this foundation because of the texture. 
When I look for foundations my color is normally light beige to natural beige. 

Maybelline Foundation 

First Impression 
My first impression when seeing the foundation was that it would be very smooth and easy to apply. 
The first time putting it on my face I thought to my self am I putting this on wrong!? 

I first dotted the foundation all over my face and then with my elf powder brush tried to apply the mousse. 
It literally rolled of my face, that's when I realized I had to apply it with my fingers. 

(excuse my dirty brush & the little drop of foundation on the side)

Very smooth and creamy. 

Close up. 

Here you can see how it rolls up and becomes clumpy if you don't work fast. 

I have a love hate relationship with this foundation because the application is not fun but the results are amazing. The application is a bit messy because I have to apply with my fingers I feel its the best way to apply it and not waste product. As soon as the foundation sets my skin looks so good and its all matte just what it says it will do. Overall its a great product to try and I did use it for about two weeks to make sure it didn't make me break out or anything out of the ordinary. So far so good. 
I hope you enjoyed!!
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  1. Oh sweet i am also thinking of buying this and then reviewing it on my blog ! great review thanks !! :D