Throwback Thursday: Birthday Celebration 2011

11:39 AM

Hello Everyone!!
Seeing as my birthday is creeping up I wanted to share with you one of my past birthday celebrations.
 I usually spend my birthday with my family and then celebrate a different day with friends.
 Lets take a trip down memory lane.

 In 2011 I turned 21 and here I am having my first drink as a 21 year old @ Lucilles

My Birthday Outfit:
Top: Forever21
Jeans: Forever21
Boots: Forever21 (Birthday Gift)
Watch: Guess (Gift)

Sense I have always had the intention to start a blog I have a lot of pictures of my outfits.
Honestly for my birthday all I ask for is to go to dinner to my favorite places and one of my all time favorite places is Bubba Gump.
 I love me some shrimp!! 
Here I am celebrating with close friends and cousins. 

haha I know I'm pretty boring I celebrate by eating my little heart out no clubbing or anything like that who knows maybe this year. But this is how I like to spend my birthday. How do you spend yours??
Hope you enjoyed!!

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  1. you're not boring at all! I am the same way, I rather go out and eat than hit clubs. LOL it's jus not for me :) when is your birthday???

    1. yay we celebrate the same way!! lol its Jan 31st :)