Early Birthday Wishes

10:34 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Let me start by saying on a difficult day for me the only people who can understand me are my coworkers and they have supported me through some tough times they have seen me struggle and succeed and its just amazing to have them in my life. 
They are so sweet, seeing as my birthday is tommorrow they planned a little birthday party for me at the office. 
I actually ended up getting two cake and a bottle of champagne!!

My first cake. Chocolate overload!

Cutting the cake.

My second cake, it was so amazing to look at I didn't want to cut it! 
But it was as delicious as it looks.

Did you say cake??  im always down for some cake ;)
Is your mouth drooling yet??
I am so grateful to my coworkers and friends who made this happen for me today even after a long day this is the best way to end a work day, surrounded by love. 
I hope you enjoyed!!
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