Zoya Nail Polish Haul & Review

3:36 PM

Hello Everyone!!
A couple of weeks ago I found out from a fellow friend and blogger vivabellavita the great deal Zoya was having. Three Zoya polishes basically for free just $10.00 for S&H. I could not pass up this deal, especially because I have wanted to try Zoya nail polish for awhile now just couldn't bring my self to pay $8.00 for one polish. Today I will be giving you my take on the polishes, keep reading to find out if I think they are worth the $8.00.  
The polishes came in this cute little box, which I will keep storing them in. 

Now let me start by saying the website does say 1 coat will be sheer and 5 coats opaque. So I shouldn't have been shocked when I first placed the polish on my nail. 

First Impression 
The consistency of the polish is very watery, this was the first coat of all three polishes. 

After three coats. 

Four coats later, the red polish was perfect after two coats.

Paloma (5 coats)

The color is very pretty, next time I think I will add another coat. 

As you can see the polish is very sheer even after 5 coats. 

Katherine (5 coats)

When I first saw this color on the website I was so excited it reminded me of a vampy purple color. 

This color also turned out to be very sheer after 5 coats. 

Rekha (2 coats)

In love with this red polish, it is the perfect red shade. I have this on my nails and toes. 

My first impression of these polishes: Do I think they are worth $8.00? No. 
What I mean by that is, I would not pay $8.00 for a sheer polish that the color doesn't pay off on my nails.
Over all my favorite polish hands down has to be Rekha (red polish) it is the exact same color in the bottle on my nails and I love that because I got exactly what I wanted. 
This is my honest opinion, I think I got a great deal on the polishes and I am so happy to be giving them a try.
But I am a girl on a budget and paying this much for one polish is not smart for me any way. 
What do you think of Zoya nail polishes??

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