Outfit of the Day: Blue Moon

10:38 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Today I was feeling inspired by the cold weather it feels a lot like winter here in South Cali. 
I don't ever remember it being this cold haha. But on to the post, today I have two outfits for you the first one was a comfy cozy outfit to be at home and to run errands in and the second outfit for work. 

1st outfit comfy & cozy

When I know I have to go in to work after running errands I want to be comfy but also have a 2 in 1 outfit. 
I don't need to be walking around in heels all day as comfy as they are. 
 Today I choose to wear this blue Ann Taylor sweater (Thrifted) with black leggings from Target. The shoes are slip ons I got them for 5$ at a swap meet near me. 

2nd Outfit Get to Work

...and I am off with my coffee haha

For my work outfit I added black slacks (H&M) the heels of course (Target) and my black trench coat (Thrifted).
  My watch is from Guess I got it as a gift and I love this watch it comes with two different straps a pink and white, so I get to change it with different outfits. 

I hope this post wasn't to much and all over the place but I wanted to share with you how I transition from causal to work or sometimes its the other way around. I usually end up changing a couple times a day so layering is the best way to go. 

Thank you for visiting my blog I hope you enjoyed!!

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