Splash of Purple

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Hello Everyone!!
To save some money I have slowly thought my self how to do my nails, of course its always great to get them done at a salon, but reality is we all cant do that. So to keep that money in your pocket and do them yourself!
I typically keep the same color on 3-4 days then change it out as soon as I can or immediately when I see the nails chipping (not cute). 
Today I will be showing you what I do to change the color of my nails. I will do a separate  post on how I shape and clean up my nails.
I recently hauled this 'nail polish remover dip-it' check out my target haul here. It is pretty interesting I expected a sponge inside, which I have used before. 
But this one is all plastic, in which you dip your nail and scrub off the polish the acetone helps it come of so much faster. 
Meet my new friend to remove my polish by the Up&Up brand at Target. 
p.s you also save on cotton swabs and tissues. 

First thing I do is remove the previous color I have.

Next, pick your color. 
For today I choose Jesse's Girl 'Fashion Friday'
Find at Jesse's Girl Cosmetics or Ride aid. 

I normally put two layers depending on the color. 

Quick Tip:
Use light strokes and make sure you get all your nail. Clean up your mistakes by dipping your thumb nail in some acetone and carefully cleaning the edge, avoid using q-tips because it can smudge you polish and then you have to start all over. 

...and TADA your nails are done. 

I love this color its between purple and pink very girly but chic at the same time.  

This normally takes me 10-15 minutes and its my happy nail time!
I hope you enjoyed!!
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