Time for a new pair

10:44 PM

Hello Everyone!!
I have been on a hunt for a new pair of glasses its hard to find a nice pair. 
I normally go in to the optometrist's office to try different frames on but, after I try ten different pairs they all start looking the same. 
So I decided to Google a couple pairs of glasses and the Kardashian Kollection for Sears came up.

They have some pretty cute pairs. I am considering getting a pair. 
Right now they have a really good deal for a Limited time $49.99. 

Here is my favorite pair. 

I also liked the black pair with small details on the side, check them out here
I like the thickness of the frames and the shape of them.
What do you guys think??

Since I am a hand on kind of person, I would need to go in to Sears and try them on before I order them. 
Let me know what you think of them??
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