Target does it again...

8:28 PM

Hello Everyone!
I have learned to always have a list of what I need to get from Target, not what I want because what ends up happening every time I go is I get distracted and walk away from what I went there for and end up forgetting it (lol). 

My mission today at Target was to get 3 things. 
1) Shampoo
2) Baby wipes
3) Nail polish remover
Now let's get into what I ended up getting. 

Target Haul

List of Products:
Mossimo Flip flops (find here)
Up&UP Baby Wipes (find here)
Sally Hansens Nail polish remover 
L'oreal Shampoo Total Repair 5 (find here)
Revlon Box o' files
Revlon Lash Potion  

Flip Flops

Okay, so I am obsessed with my old flip flops- they are these $1 Old Navy ones. So since they are all I live in I decided to check out the flip flops at Target and I came across these cuties. I fell in love with them, and they will definitely be cuter than what I'm using now. 

Quick Tip:
I noticed they don't fit true to size at least for me. 
I'm normally a size 8 and I ended up going to a 9 and they fit just right. 
Another thing is the different colors they have fit different I tried on the coral ones which were very pretty but the straps were to loose fitting. 

Baby Wipes 

I use baby wipes for everything. I use them instead of feminine wipes, because these are way cheaper. 
But I also use them for other things; for example, spot cleaning my brushes or make up, and also to remove my make up when I run out of make up wipes. 
They really come in handy and they are less than $3 for a pack of 88. 

Nail Polish Remover 

I have been on a hunt for my favorite 100% acetone at Walmart but I have yet to find it, since they are always out. 
So I decided to check out the regular nail polishes and I came across this Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail polish remover.  I wasn't sure if it was new but it sounded interesting. It claims to be fast and gentle and it also says its for weak and thin nails. My nails have been breaking a lot and I know it's because of all the acetone I have been using so I hope this helps! 


The reason for me going to Target. It's so sad I actually ran out of shampoo so, I had to use what we had and that was Head and Shoulders and omg it dried my hair and ended up making it oily at the end of the day, just a hot mess. So I had to run to Target today for this lovely shampoo. 
A couple weeks ago I bought this same shampoo in a travel size (click here for haul) and I loved it all over again. I actually used this awhile back but forgot about it, but it makes my hair feel so nice and clean. 

Nail Filer

No explanation for these they were just too cute to pass up. It's called a Box O' Files, I've never seen them before. 


The cute packaging made me get this mascara and the name is pretty cute too. 
I picked up the waterproof one, I intend to use this tomorrow for my brother's 5th grade promotion I think I might cry, and my sister is moving on up to 8th grade, almost in high school. Yeah I might cry (lol). 
I will let you know if this mascara works out. 

By the way if you aren't already following targetdoesitagain on instagram check her out here
She's always posting all the cute new stuff target has. (Hence the inspiration to today's title). 

 Also check out Ale and Amy for Forever21 updates on their new and cute stuff. 
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Thanks for stopping by!
I hope you enjoy these Target hauls I know I do a lot but it's just too fun to not share and you never know you might notice something you've been wanting or never noticed. 

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