Colors of the Rainbow TAG

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Hello Everyone!!
I have seen so many videos on YouTube on this TAG and I wanted to give it a try, it sounded fun. 
From what I have seen in different videos the point of the TAG is to go based of off the Rainbow and pick your favorite products to match that color. 
I have seen people use the actual product color or the packaging so here goes nothing!

Colors of the Rainbow TAG

Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm

At first I had chosen a red lipstick to be red, but I don't really wear it on a regular day basis so that would be cheating. On the other hand this lip balm I literally use every day a couple time a day. My lips get pretty dry and I tend to lick them (tmi) and that causes them to start peeling and this stuff has helped so much on keeping them hydrated. 

Nail Polish

For me there is no Orange without having a little bit of coral in there so I had to pick both of these polishes. 
I have been in love with them both!
Wet N Wilds Tropicalia & Sally Hansen's Sun Kissed. 
(By the way, Coral and Orange are my favorite colors right now!) 

Foot Scrub

This stuff has been amazing!
It has helped make my feet feel like I just got a pedicure, no lie. 
It works just like the products the ladies use at the nail shops and its at home. A bottle of this stuff is about $10; super inexpensive. 
(Click Here to find the terapie products).  


I use this everyday weather I apply heat to my hair or not it smells great and keeps my hair smooth and soft. 
I am obsessed with Garnier Fructis products, I can't get enough of them. 


Loving this cardigan I got it a while ago from the clearance section at Target, it was about $13. 
It gives my outfit a pop of color and I think very on trend for the spring & summer time. 
I have worn it so much it's in the laundry basket, that's why I couldn't take a picture of it, haha. 


This mascara has just been awesome!
It gives my lashes volume and makes them so much longer, I have actually not used eye liner because this alone makes my eyes pop. 


(So for violet I swear I was going to pick another nail polish but I didn't want to have this whole tag be about nail polishes,haha.) 
Anyways so I picked my lovely deodorant here. This stuff is so good it doesn't stain clothes and lasts forever!


I'm really liking these Up?&Up wipes, they come ready to exfoliate. 
I use the wipes along with the Ponds creme to remove my make up, after using both products my face feels amazing. 
Okay, I had to include this Herbal Essences conditioner because it smells so good!
Normally I pick my conditioners by the scent and this stuff leaves my hair smelling really good. 


How cute is this little jewelry holder!
This was a gift for one of my past birthday's and I just love how sparkly it is.
 I keep all my earrings on one side and my rings on the other side. Super cute and colorful.

I hope you enjoyed this tag!
I TAG all of you reading, leave me a comment down below if you decide to do it!
Thanks for stopping by!

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