My First Online Purchase at Forever 21

1:30 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Let me start by saying I have a very addictive personality, so when it comes to online shopping I just like to browse and never add stuff to my cart and just try to stay away.
 But recently I haven't been enjoying going into Forever 21 because all their clothes is all over the place. It's hard to go in there looking for a simple stripped shirt when there is at least 4 or 5 places it could be. 
So this brings me to my first online shopping experience at Forever 21. 
It's pretty cool I have to say I just sat at home looking like a complete bum and picked out what I wanted. 
I've mentioned before when I go shopping I like to have a list of things I really do need or that I'm looking for and online shopping made it so easy, I simply typed in what I needed and there it was, pick a color and let's go check out. 
Let's go back to my addictive personality; the reason I've avoided online shopping is because I know I will be on my laptop all day buying stuff, so I will try to keep this under control (lol). 
It's hard to do a fashion haul through pictures so I decided to do this haul before I get the stuff and share the links with you now. I will let you know how I like everything once I get it.

Forever 21 Haul

Casual Maxi
The first thing I added to my cart was this super casual maxi dress. I have seen it in stores but they never had my size they always had L or XL. I feel in love with it, I can see it styled so many ways with sandals, wedges or even sneakers. The best part is it went from $19 to $13 (score).

Find it at Forever 21 here
It also comes in black but I noticed it looked really sheer. 

Black & White Stripes
I have been on a hunt for a simple top like this one but never came across it in store.
I wanted the neckline to be round but not where it felt like it was suffocating me and the stripes to be thin. I found a similar one with a pocket which is cute but I want to be able to transition this top from casual to work, so the length and look of this one was perfect for me.

Find it at Forever 21 here.

Navy Peplum
With 4th of July around the corner all I have seen online is Navy blue, nautical looks and stripes.
When searching for blue tops I couldn't pass up this navy blue peplum top.
It's so cute I can wear it with jeans or throw on some slacks and take it to work.

Find it at Forever 21 here

The Ity Bitty Crop Top 
This trend is not going anywhere I see everyone wearing these little ity bitty crop tops and so I decided to jump on the bandwagon. My plan is to wear this top with my black maxi skirt which still allows me to wear the crop top but it's not as exposed and out there. 

Find it at Forever 21 here.

Red & Cream Stripes
Again with the nautical trend I am getting ready for 4th of july (lol).
I love red and white it looks so pretty and classic,  I just needed this top in my life.
I also love the wide neckline and the shorter sleeves.

Find it at Forever 21 here

I know I will definitely be shopping online again soon, for now I hope to stay away.
I hope you enjoyed this post, I know I had lot's of fun shopping!

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