Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation Review

3:45 PM

Hello Everyone!
I was browsing around at Ride-Aid, killing some time the other day and I saw the display for the new Covergirl Whipped Foundation, it was so nice because Ride-Aid's display allows you to try the product on the spot.
I thought it was very helpful to help decide on a color and also get to feel the actual texture of the foundation. I had seen this foundation at Walmart but it didn't interest me, so the display definitely helped me.
I have been using this foundation for about a week now and wanted to share my thoughts about it with you all.

Covergirl Clean Whipped Creme Foundation

What it Claims: 
Lightweight foundation 
Gives skin a boost of moisture
Not greasy or shiny finish
100% Smooth, Natural Look 
Won't dry skin or clog pores
10 Shades available 

(Check out for more info.)

Price: $7-8 
(Depending where you get it). 

Natural Beige (340)

(Not a big fan of Ride-Aid putting this big sticker on the product, really not cute). 

Very cool and creamy, makes it easy to work with. 

Quick Tip: 
When you are looking for your shade or picking up this foundation be aware the color is written super tiny on the back of the product. When I first looked at it I could not tell where the names of the shades were and then I saw this little scribble and there it was. 

My First Impressions: 
I first applied it to my hand and it was very cool and easy to blend. 
After applying it on my face it covered pretty good but I immediately noticed it was going to get very oily. 
I have oily combination skin so with a foundation of this texture I know to be careful because my face will turn into a complete grease face in a couple of hours. 

Good coverage, I didn't use any concealer just applied powder over it. 
The pictures below are with the foundation (on left) and a full face (on right) and you can already see immediately after applying it how shiny my face looks. 
In pictures the flash always makes my face look even more shiny then it is, but this is how it looks in person.   

The foundation did even out my skin made it look fresh and clean, aside from the oiliness, of course. 
I would recommend this foundation to someone with normal to dry skin I think this would be amazing for you. 

It's a good foundation for the price, it does cover well, but not one of my personal favorites. 
It wears of very easily, again because I have oily skin the foundation just feels like it melts off throughout the day. Another thing is when I touch my face for any reason the foundation and oils rub off on my fingers it doesn't feel good at all. 
The good thing is it didn't make me break out which I thought it would. 
I will actually be keeping this foundation and only wearing it on days I know I won't be wearing it too long. 

I give this foundation a 3.5 out of 5. 

I hope this was helpful if you were looking into getting this foundation and please keep in mind these are my opinions on the foundation and my skin is oily so, depending on your skin type it will be a different experience for you.

Thank you for stopping by!
If you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

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