April Favorites

7:45 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Sorry I have been gone for the last five days, I swear it feels like forever ago that I posted something. 
I really do miss it, but I have a lot going on right now and I just haven't had the time. 
Even though I'm a little late for this I still wanted to share my April Favorites. 
This past month I had a lot of random favorites and many things I was just obsessed with. 

April Favorites 

Face products

These were my favorite face products for the month. Trust me I have more but I would just be repeating my favorites from last month.

List of Products: 
EOS lip balm
Garnier BB Cream
ELF Make-up Mist&Set
Burt's Bees Replenishing lip balm 

I love these little EOS lip balms they work great and they're also super cute. 
I like carrying this one in my purse. 

This Garnier BB cream was one of my favorites on days I didn't want to wear make up but I was running around all day and wanted to wear some type of coverage and also protection from the sun. 
-I love that this BB cream has SPF 15. 

The only thing I don't like about it is how messy it gets. Other than that its great, it can get a little oily but I always apply a face powder over it to even it out and make it matte. 

I love this mist, I recently hauled it and I use it every day about two times a day.

I had never really used Burt's Bees lip balms, but this one caught my attention. 
With me being sick and having allergies my lips have been really dry and this has helped so much!
It has pomegranate oil and its 100% natural, it feels really good after applying it.  


I have been loving this stuff. Check out my full review here


This stuff is amazing!
My mom bought it from a co worker through Armand Dupree, it's similar to AVON.  
I use it while I'm in the shower with hot water and it leaves my feet nice and soft. 
Great for at home pedicures. 

It reminds me of the stuff they use at the nail salons it feels just like the orange scrubs. 

Nail Polish

Another obsession of mine is NAIL POLISH!!
This past week I went crazy at the drug stores for it. 
All the pretty colors out right now I just couldn't help myself.
I have a post coming up on close ups and a list of all my new polishes. Stay tuned for that. 


I swear I think I wore these almost every day of late march and the beginning of April. 
I could not get enough of them!
These past days have been to hot to wear them (lol) but any chance I get I love the style of these boots and I am obsessed.
Check out some of my previous posts to see how I style them. 

I hope you enjoyed my April Favorites!
What were some of your favorites for April??

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  1. You should try the oil free garnier bb cream. I loooove it! Also, try to find out where I can get the foot scrub. I would love to get it:-)

  2. Hey I found out for you! It's like an AVON company its called Armand Dupree I don't know if you ever herd of it. They have a website its www.armanddupree.com. Let me know if you want the representatives info I believe that's the only way you get purchase something. Thanks for all the love and yes I have to pick up that bb cream :D