Target Find of the Week

11:11 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Today I went to target and I have been on a hunt for some black pumps to be on clearance for a while now.
I can never find my size, but today was a good day.
I came across these black peep toe pumps.
I think I got an awesome deal on it, the original price was $29.99 and I got them for $14.98.
Not bad right? Check out target for great deals on shoes.

Merona Magee Peep at Target

Now I didn't find my exact size, they are an extra half to big, but they fit just fine. 

The heel is not to big but not a grandma heel either haha so its perfect for work. 

You can tell someone either returned the shoes or tried them on and wore them a bit. 
I cleaned them up a bit and I'm happy with my find. 
With the peep toe I have to make sure my pedicure is on point at all time now haha. 
I hope you enjoyed this post!!

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  1. Those would be perfect for work for me too!!

    1. Yes they would!! and I feel like its nice for spring and summer get some air in your feet haha silly huh