Jergens Crema-Hydrating Coconut Milk Review

10:04 PM

Hello Everyone!!
Let me start by saying I don't have super dry skin but with the weather changes my skin has its bad days. 
This cream has made a huge difference on my skin. 
Now I first noticed this cream when DulceCandy mentioned it in her latest favorites video, I had to check it out. 
While browsing around at Walmart a couple weeks ago I remembered to pick this up. 
I have been obsessed with it since. 

Jergens Crema- Hydrating Coconut Milk 

Texture & Application:
It's so creamy and smooth it leaves your skin feeling really hydrated and smooth. 
The texture is very light not a heavy thick cream at all.
I apply it after I shower or every morning. 

What it Claims: 
This cream is for Normal to Dry Skin. 
It claims to leave your skin feeling soft, silky and radiant. 

My thoughts:
This may sound pretty weird but it makes my skin feel like I just jumped out the shower, that feeling lasts all day long. 
The smell is very slight it smells great but it's not a smell that lingers around all day and that makes your perfume or body mist smell different. 

$5.94 at Walmart
I think it's very affordable and its definitely worth it. 

I will be re-purchasing this product.
I still have a lot of product to go through, the good thing is that a small amount goes a long way so I feel like it will last me a long time. 

It's actually funny that I recently got asked if I changed my lotion because my skin felt softer, so I say it again I love this stuff!!
Go check it out, let me know if you've tried it or if you give it a try. 
Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Will definitely ave to give this a try......hopefully it helps with my over-dry elbows.

  2. Yes pick it up! They also have different ones for dry skin or the normal to dry. It's awesome :)