Reverse Glitter Effect

4:40 PM

Hello everyone!
Today, I bring you my nails of the day!
I normally share my nails of the day on my Instagram, but I thought I would also share here on my blog!
I can tell you the steps I took to do my nails today and how easy it is to get creative with your own nails without having to pay anyone to do them for you. 
If your wondering how I do my nails at home step by step check out my post on How to at home Manicure
Sorry the picture quality isn't so great I took these pictures pretty quickly & on my iPhone. 

Reverse Glitter Nails

I follow a lot of girls who do some awesome designs on there nails so I can get inspired one day and start doing designs on my nails but for now I try to do the easier ones. 
Recently I saw a video by @naildecor where she did a reverse glitter effect on her nails. I thought it was so cool and easy so I gave it a try today. 
When I do stuff like this to my nails I always get asked how I did it or if its a sticker; I feel so talented haha jk but this is super easy and looks very cute!

After trying this out I'm thinking of all the different nail combos I could use!
Which colors would you use!?

(Pictures taken with my iPhone 5c)

By the way I love this Revlon color it's so vibrant!
I wanted a nail color that would put me in a good mood and this one definitely does just that. 
I wear nail polish not only because it's pretty but because it makes me smile and it can change my mood throughout the day. 
Why do you wear nail polish?

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  1. I love your manicure! I didn't know we call it reverse glitters nails. I will try it next time. Thank you Gabriela :D

    1. I didn't either! I saw it on an Instagram video and it made sense :-) Your welcome!